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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scottish Renewables - Barefaced Lying

   A couple of weeks ago Scottish Renewables a government funded fakecharity* wrote in response to letters by me and another claiming, among other lies
We are an apolitical organisation working to ensure Scotland has the optimum conditions for the growth of an industry that meets more than a third of the country’s power needs,
    A few days later the author, Naill Stewart, told the same lie on BBC Newsnight Scotland, naturally without any questioning from Gordon Brewer who has often demonstrated he is sufficiently on top of his brief to know the facts.

    I wrote to Scottish Renewables, 49 Bath St., Glasgow and got this barefaced lie back
Thanks for your mail. Let me start by saying that I did not use the term ‘windmills’ in either the Scotsman or on Newsnight!
The point I made in both is that electricity generation from all forms of renewables now meets over a third of Scotland’s electricity needs as evidenced at the foot of this briefing from the Scottish Government.
I would also like to assure you that although we are a membership body which represents the renewable energy industry and are wholly independent of government, we always operate with integrity, honesty and respect and will continue to do so.
Niall Stuart
Chief Executive
    In fact this link says no such thing. The nearest it gets is to claim  "an interim target of 31% by 2011". That is the closest and obviously 31% is not "over a third" to any honest person so he would be lying if that were so.

    But of course a "target" isn't actuality. So he is lying on that ground too.

   In actuality the latest figures available from that same link, show "renewables" accounted for 24.1% of electricity. So well short of  "more than a third".

    But there is further sleight of hand here. Scottish Renewables are the windmill (the term wind turbine is false because it isn't a turbine) industry's lobbyists. They do not lobby for a massive increase in hydro power because that is not what the government pays them to do - the fact that a massive increase in hydro power is physically impossible because the good sites are already taken could also be a consideration but  SR do not appear overly limited by what the laws of physics say is possible.

    Again, according to what Mr Stewart  says he is basing his claim on 8.3% of that 24.1% is hydro leaving 15.8% from the subsidised "renewable" industry to which he wants the taxpayer to give ever more than £1 bn we shell out to these lying subsidy junkies for their fake "industry" already.

   By comparison if that subsidy had been put into nuclear we could be getting 2 reactors, nearly half of our total electricity, every year. We would not be facing blackouts. We would not be facing 10s of thousands of deaths  as 55% of people have to switch off their heating as bills reach £2000 a year by 2016. Indeed with that level of subsidy nuclear electricity would be free. And the corrupt lying, government propaganda parasites in Scottish Renewables would have to work for a living.

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