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Monday, June 11, 2012

Greenpeace - Support Our Thugs - Send £80

  Jews, they're a bit ugly aren't they? We prefer them when they have statements carved across their faces, like 'no Jews' or 'stupid', which say what we think about them. Actually we'd prefer them if they weren't there at all, because Jews want to rape white women, but we're working on that one.
 £80 Send this Gift.

How this gift works ... Direct actions are about being there in person to stop an integrationist crime from taking place ... Shutting down dirty Jewish ghettos is just one of the ways Greenpeace is working to secure a clean energy future, but attacking individual Jews cranks up the political pressure and throws a vital spotlight on one of the greatest threats to our climate ...

     Paraphrased from here. To be fair the Advertising Standards Authority stepped in to tell Greenpeace that they shouldn't openly solicit £80 from people for the pleasure of knowing they were paying for street thuggery.

     Does anybody doubt that if any other organisation openly advertised for violence for pay their feet wouldn't touch the ground?

    Greenpeace's defence is that they weren'y convicted for their thuggery at Kingsnorth Power Station, the "prosecution having decided not to seriously prosecute and thus it wasn't illegal. In the same way the killings of Krystallnacht didn't result in Hitler's SA thugs being convicted because that government chose to ignore the law too. Which is, if anything, even more reprehensible than Greenpeace's thuggery.

    In defence of the German' government's actions it may be pointed out that Hitler only killed around 6 million Jews whereas the econazis are at about 100 million.

UPDATE It has been gently suggested to me that there may be some irony impaired ecofascists who will take, or pretend to take, the above seriously. My record on the subject speaks for itself. Of course if such a person was genuinely sufficiently irony impaired to believe it they would be publicly equally scathing of Greenpeace's  original article, which would almost make it worth it. On the other hand experience suggests those who claim to be outraged on somebody else's behslf are, almost without exception, lying and do not apply the standards they pretend to believe in to their own allies.

3 stages to understanding the eco-fascist mentality 1) Read this at the Register.

2) translate as a test into familiar fascist terms
3) see how it fits

Appeal to emotions--Check.

Appeal to violent action--Check (etc etc)

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