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Monday, May 21, 2012

Skip Evans of NCSE Outed

   For some time I have had a self appointed nemesis on here who calls claims anonymity but appears on "scienceblogs" under the name "Skip" where he has claimed to be a scientist able to pontificate on climate change because
Furthermore, the people you are debating with are real researchers. Like Mandas, Richard S., Chris, and others I too have a track record of peer reviewed publication in the finest journals in my field. They and I have a basic demonstration of competence the likes of which a fool such as yourself will never comprehend.
   That there should be, at least, some truth to his claims of validity in the field was supported by the fact that neither the site runner nor any of the named people said "who he" or that they were unable to confirm being in the same scientific club as "Skip", though it was indeed obvious his real identity was known. If you are going to accept that a lying charlatan shares equality with you you must accept being known as a lying charlatan.

   Of course the idea that anybody at "scienceblogs" was in any way interested in truth or science took rather a knock when Greg Laden, who runs one of the sites, publicly claimed to be a "climate scientist" and I subsequently proved that he was in fact an unpaid assistant anthropology teacher. A more serious dent to "scienceblogs" credibility came when Greg kept his site and nobody whatsoever on their even suggested that being proven so wholly and completely dishonest and contemptuous of science was, in even the slightest way, reprehensible.

    Obviously such action is incompatible with any "sciencebloggers" being in any way honest or scientific.

    Anyway Skip promised me that he was going to not only come on my blog and engage, for the rest of time, on what, for him, passes as intellectual debate but also to do so on any other site I commented on (which would include the sole "scienceblog" site that allows a certain amount of free speech.. In fact he limited himself to this site since presumably making himself look like and idiot on a wider stage seemed not to be a good idea.

   Occasionally his comments have contributed what purported to be a matter of fact (for example his repeated claims that the government's Chief Science adviser never made the ludicrous claim that by 2100 "Antarctica will be the only habitable continent" and that the papers reporting it were nonexistent/lying because they are controlled by deniers/mistaken). All his claims of fact were easily and amusingly proven false. The rest of his posts have focused on calling me a Nazi, saying that everybody in Glasgow shags the sheep which are everpresent in our city centre & that the proof that I am a Nazi is that I tend to delete his obscenities (though I specifically do not delete argument that attempts to be fact based).

   Having at least some trace of personal integrity and not being a complete hypocrite Skip has at least been equally willing to denounce all the scienceblogs sites which censor, not obscenity but rational debate.
      Being a wholly corrupt, child abusing*, animal he hasn't.

      So who is this expert in climate science Skip. Well not entirely coincidentally, he turns out to be linked to a child abusing (*there did anybody think I was merely being discourteous when I said that earlier) organisation I have dealt with previously, NCSE (National Center for science Education more properly known as Nazi Child-abusers for the Suppression of Evidence).

     So who is he

     have a look at this account of Skip Evans, formerly of the National Center for Science Education, conversing with some of the local creationists in Madison, WI.

     Skip's account. The idea of pretending to be a real scientist seems to be presaged by a comment he adds
a couple of guys talking to Larry and Kevin the Creationists decided they were sociology professors doing an experiment to see how people reacted to complete nonsense presented as fact.

Posted by: Skip
July 27, 2010 12:43 AM
  With the NCSE connection, which I did not  connection, it appears the world of know of when I the reported the lecture by their boss on CAGW ("you can't blame her for not answering your questions - she's not a climate expert"(. Run by the Glasgow Skeptics (with grandstanding by ecofascist Green MSP Pat Harvie, previously gay government paid youth worker though I would never match the ecofascists by saying that he had ever shagged any of the aforementioned sheep) it seems the world of  anti-science spouting is even smaller and more incestuous than it previously appeared.

From the obscene thieving Nazi Child abuser's entry on NCSE

Should the disgusting animal wish to apologise or feel able make any explanation, without obscenity, or indeed should any member of BCSE feel I have been in any way unfair I extend my invitation, as normal, to give them a platform and possibly a piece of rope. If not to me it might wish to apologise to the people of Glasgow and all the sheep in Sauchiehall Street.

UPDATE It seems Skip Evans has died. No mention of cause though he was clearly relatively young. Since he didn't apologise or produce any evidence to support his lies I don't think any other comment would be appropriate.

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Skip! You have have changed so much since last time we met!

I can't say the change is for the better, but so be it. All the plastic surgery must have been expensive - I can't see any scars at all. Nice hair though.

Love Mandas
Since, Mandas, you were one of the people quoted by Skip on "scienceblogs" as being, like him, a scientist expert in "climate science" & you declined to correct his lie. Perhaps you would be willing to identify yourself and say which of the "finest journals" have published your claims.

Perhaps not ;-) We shall see.
Notice that all refutation of Neil Craig is now absent from this thread?

Neil Craig is proven wrong.
Neil Craig censors.
End of story.
Note your pal Mandas attempted refutation is actually there. I mean I know you don't let facts get in the way Skip but you could be a little smarter. Actual refutation would be published, rudemess won't, unless I find it worthwile to let you show off. If you care to try the former...
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