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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Management of the News

   On Friday morning the BBC news lead with reports about the upcoming shareholder's meeting of Barclays where an attempt was going tom be made to stop the top boss's bonus. On Friday evening it also lead the BBC news and by coincidence the first 8 minutes of the BBC's state funded Channel 4 "competitor". All soundbites/vox pops/pictures of giant blue chickens (demonstrators dressed up as Barclay's logo) were carried out with those pushing for the cut, . In fact
27 percent of shareholders voted against Chief Executive Officer Robert Diamond’s 12 million-pound ($19.5 million) compensation package.
Those opposed failed to block the bank’s remuneration plans as more than 73 percent of investors who voted supported it

  So very much a "man doesn't bite dog, nothing to see here, don't move along" sort of story. Despite all the effort that was being brought by the media and government bureaucracy to try and push this vote the vast majority , sensibly, did not give in to political pressure. 
Not exactly a mass demonstration is it. Despite what the beeboids repeatedly describe as massive public anger at bankers only a few rent-a-not-anything-close-to-a-mobbers turned up. From the pantomime it is clear that they had been invited by the media to come and pose for them. There goes spontaneous public anger.
  The subtext of this is that the state media are pushing the lie that the current recession is the fault of the bankers with all the enthusiasm that German generals pushed the lie that losing WW1 was all the fault of the Jews and socialists. When you think about this it is obviously a total lie and the politicos and "journalists" pushing it no closer to honesty than their predecessors. The politicians, not the bankers, were in charge of the country just as the generals, not the Jews, were in charge of the German army.
   Sometimes they also try to blame the "world recession". There is and was no world recession. The world economy has been growing at about 5% all along.
  Quite obviously both claims are lies and could never be told by any politician or "journalist" who was not personally a wholly corrupt creature. The recession was caused by the politicians. It was their thieving parasitism and their Luddite totalitarianism, alone, that caused the recession.
   A far stronger, indeed virtually cast iron, case can be made that if the politicians had not prevented our own country matching the world growth rate and tried to hide the fact by printing new money/credit the banks would never have had any problems. That Fred the Shred was far less guilty of his bank's failure than Gordon Brown was.
   But the state media need the bankers as whipping boys to divert attention, just as if they were Jews. So the prime news story on an ordinary Friday becomes a media staged one with a "public" demonstration they controlled.
     A similar controlled use of photography was used by the BBC when reporting Donald Trump's arrival at the Scottish Parliament to give evidence on how windmills are destroying the Scottish tourist industry. The BBC reporting of it, did go so far as to mention that there had been anti-windmill demonstrators in support of Trump as well as "environmentalist" ones (an interesting juxtaposition meaning that those who support windmills are "environmentalists" and those who want to preserve the environment aren't). However their film almost entirely showed Trump's opponents, including a puppet, which, like the chickens, was purely for media purposes & means they also had been set up in advance by the BBC.
     However ITV (actually Border TV a very small local company supplying them) were more honest.
A huge march by anti wind turbine campaigners from across Scotland took place at Holyrood today. They are supporting US tycoon Donald Trump's is taking his fight against them. he was in the Scottish Parliament giving evidence to Holyrood's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee on Wednesday morning. Protestors from Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders spoke to our reporter Kathryn Samson:
There was a small delegation of pro windfarm campaigners at the parliament. They were held back by police as they played drums and blew whistles in protest. The Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland was among those who support the turbines, he was present as Mr Trump gave evidence and said Mr Trump is no expert.

   But for the BBC, with their legal commitment to "balance" the large demonstration barely happened and only the ecofascists were to be seen. I strongly suspect that if the 2 demos had not coincided the BBC would have been able to airbrush out any mention of the anti-windfarm demo. Even though, as can be seen, there were many times more people at the anti-windmillery demo than the arranged one at the one that led the national news on at least 2 channels.

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I'm delighted to hear that Border TV still exists. I remember when it opened and we no longer had to get the ITV signal from Ulster TV or STV, both of which were populated by people with outlandish accents talking about subjects of no conceivable interest to civilised folk.
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