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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recent Reading - Mainly About Ecofascism, State Control,of the Media and the Government parasites

Mutual Approval: If Jerry Pournelle were simply one of the world's best SF writers, he is much more, saying I edit well would be praise indeed. For him to call this blog "good stuff" is no end of a bonus.
If you are looking for some good short snippets to read, try which is, of all things, a compilation of ‘the wisdom of Jerry Pournelle’. Needless to say I didn’t do it, but I rather like what has been done. It’s a number of snippets of things I have said, mostly in the old View and Mail columns before we moved to Bluehost, and some of them are pretty good. This was good editing. There’s also other good stuff on that site.

    What I aim at in these collections is to get, in a few words, the basic principles. They are usually being applied to discussion of some current event, which will mean nothing in years to come - but the principle will.
   If  the BBC, which so often starts "news" with "Scientists say  global warming may be worse than previously thought" were a news organisation this would be heavily reported by the MSM. Of course if anybody at all among the Beeboids was as willing to buck the bosses for honest journalism as these people the fraud would have died years ago.
Challenging statements from NASA that man is causing climate change, the [49] former NASA executives demanded in a letter to Administrator Charles Bolden that he and the agency “refrain from including unproven remarks” supporting global warming in the media.
“We feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate,” they wrote. “At risk is damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA, NASA’s current or former scientists and employees, and even the reputation of science itself.”
The letter was signed by seven Apollo astronauts, a deputy associate administrator, several scientists, and even the deputy director of the space shuttle program.
  While NASA scientists are putting their reputations on the line the corrupt thieving parasites in our Foreign Office are complicit in stealing millions from us to pay for eco-nazi propaganda against the politicians of Texas.
Did you know that you're paying for Texans to endorse anthropogenic climate change?
Rick Perry rightly criticises the British Foreign Office for attempting to change Texan minds on climate change
  This is how the corrupt international ecofascist nomenklatura help keep each other in the saddle.
   Government planning to roll back our rights under the Freedom of Information Act.

An elderly woman was ordered to find a new GP because the “carbon footprint” of her two-mile round trips to the surgery where she had been treated for 30 years was too large.

   Actually I suspect the doctor simply found her, as an elderly patient, one of those who took a bit of work, thereby leaving him less time for golf. However the very fact that scum like that can use ecofascism as an excuse and expect to get away with it speaks volumes.

  The EU is about to engage in a war, albeit only a trade war, against the US, China, Russia, India and 19 other countries, over whether we are going to tax foreigners for burning carbon abroad.
In February, the two Asian giants, along with 21 other countries including the United States, signed up to the Moscow Declaration, a strategic blueprint for global trade ‘war’. It has a single aim: to make sure the EU’s Airline Tax never gets off the ground.
While the EU’s unelected Climate Czar Connie Hedegaard bullishly dismisses threats from the Moscow group of nations as “hypothetical” – exactly how is a cancelled order for planes “hypothetical” Connie? – actual elected leaders in European capitals are unlikely to remain as sanguine. Well before the first payment Airline Tax invoices are mailed in 2013 it becomes clear just how economically damaging a global trade war would be to European national economies.
  Obviously us getting into a trade war with the rest of the world is not only important but potentially disastrous. Which is why currently none of the relatively few MSM outlets to report it are in the EU.

    Last night the BBC, doing its bit for our glorious leader, currently in Indonesia, boasted of how "he" had got orders for a handful of Airbuses. Because of this fiasco "China has already cancelled orders for 35 European Airbus A330 jets, and is threatening to cancel on 10 more" but that isn't news we plebs are supposed to hear.
Lord Tebbit agrees with me that
The common ground is where voters of all persuasions find themselves. Very often that is on issues which are central to Conservative philosophy. Those issues should be emphasised by the Tories to pull Labour voters towards them, or as neilcraig put it these are the issues where the Tories are, or should be, on the same side as most people.
  I had singled out getting the economy growing, an EU referendum, freedom from nanny statism, cutting crime and cutting immigration. I think he is optimistic if he thinks that they are more at home in the Conservative party or even that they once were.
   Discussing my support of off site manufactured housing, allowing housing to be produced more cheaply, my brother, who lives in New Zealand, mentioned Habode, a home which can be delivered on the back of a lorry and open out to nearly 900 square foot (3 times the lorry size).


A Short History of Fuel Substitution in the UK - Proving, yet again, that peak oil.gas/coal/wood/whale oil etc. is simply an old lie whose details occasionally change.

   I particularly wish to draw your attention to this assessment of what getting a one off reduction in gas prices from North Sea gas (before we gad the oil) would do.
E] They assessed the likely overall economic benefit to the economy from cheaper energy as a one off gain of between ten and twenty percent in GDP over the ten years of conversion and might well create growth of half a percent per annum thereafter for many years as new customers came on line.

  I have been pushing the line that CHEAP ENERGY MEANS FAST GROWTH.

   If this was provably known back in the 1960s when the government were first promoting the development of North Sea gas then they know it now. Lets not let anybody connected to government ever, under any circumstances, claim that "renewables" were not deliberately promoted to put us into recession or that a single one of these thieving parasites was not personally fully aware of this.

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