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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The "Award" to Hansen, Makes the "Edinburgh Science Festival" Organisers As Corrupt and Fraudulent As Lysenko

The fact that the Scottish government funds the Edinburgh Science festival seems to have more to do with it giving James Hansen an "award" than his scientific achievement.
They invite him to Scotland, whose government are committed to the most expensive and Luddite measures anywhere in the world (to fight alleged catastrophic global warming) to demand a global "Green" government funded by a new global tax on us all. This does seem to throw even more doubt on the SNP government's alleged desire for independence than their long established enthusiasm for the "ever closer union" of the EU. In fact it is impossible to find any case where the SNP have preferred real independence to the ever growing power of international bureaucracies.
Is this a scientific award or a purely political one? It all depends whether Hansen has the successful scientific achievements required.
In 1988 he famously testified to Congress that we were in the midst of catastrophic global warming which would amount to 1/2 a degree per decade. That prediction proved false.
In 2008 he testified in court, under oath, in defence of vandalising British power stations, needed to keep our lights on, that "....What has changed recently is the steady global warming, at a rate of about 0.2°C per decade" & that "....Sea level is now increasing at a rate of about 3 cm per decade". In fact sea level is not measurably rising & there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995. Fortunately for him the law against perjury, which sent Sheriden to jail, were not tested against him.
In purely scientific terms it is impossible to find any discovery or prediction of his which has not failed the test of reality. That alone should exclude him from a scientific prize.
However there is worse. In 2008 Hansen publicly called for some sort of world body to arrest and bring to "trial" those who dispute catastrophic warming is happening.

When the Pope disputed Galileo's claim that the Earth orbits the Sun he used a "trial", imprisonment and the threat of torture, rather than the scientific method to "prove" the "consensus" view, of the time, that the Sun orbited the Earth.
By doing so, he ended, with finality, 1500 years in which Italians had dominated European science. The leading European nations became those then outwith the reach of the Inquisition. This shows what a delicate flower scientific freedom is & what a vital one. It also shows why a world government, with no society outwith to nurture free thought would be the worst thing, possibly excluding all out nuclear war, that could happen to humanity - & perhaps why "environmentalists" are keen on it.
There are no circumstances whatsoever under which anybody with any respect for science, or freedom, could support giving a government prize in the name of "science" to anybody who believes his scientific claims should be verified, not by test & measurement but by arrest, Inquisition" and "trial".
Were any organisation looking for people who deserve such a prize they need look no further than the nearly 50 former astronauts and scientists--including the ex-boss of the Johnson Space Centre who have said their own NASA organisation is on the wrong side in promoting the warming scare. My suspicion is that these words, from so many people with real scientific achievements behind them, will be found less "newsworthy" by our media.
Neil Craig
Ref - Hansen's world government call

extracts from his testimony on oath

put sceptics on "trial"


the other NASA 50
    This went out as a letter to the Scottish, UK & World press and, obviously proved Something Which May Not Be Said. It remains true.
     Hansen is not, by any objective standard a successful scientist since his various predictions have been proven false. But the fact that he calls for the "trial" of those who disagree automatically puts him on a par with Galileo's Pope and Lysenko.  That a government funded alleged "science festival" is awarding him and that our media censors even the slightest question on the subject puts us in a precisely equal position to the Lysenkoism of Stalin's regime and well ahead of the Vatican which at least had the excuse that they were supporting the historic position.
    The damage that both of these did was enormous and long lasting - in Galileo's case it lasted centuries, in Lysenko's case we do not yet know.

    This is the Board. I will be interested to see if they, or any part of the organisation feels able to dispute being corrupt anti-scientific parasites.

David Milne (Chair)

Ewan Aitken
Cllr Gordon Buchan
Cllr Ronald Cairns
Michael Fourman
Cllr Stephen Hawkins
Brian McMaster
Stuart Monro
Ian Ritchie
Cllr Conor Snowden
Ben Thomson
Ian Wall
Cllr Donald Wilson
Heinz Wolff
Philip Young
Maggie Aderin Pocock, Science Innovation Ltd
Hermione Cockburn, TV and radio presenter
Brian Cox, University of Manchester
Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4
Claire Fox, Institute of Ideas
Ian Sample, The Guardian
Nigel Townsend, Y Touring Theatre Company
Richard Wiseman The University of Hertfordshire

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