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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Big Business and the "Green" Movement

  A few days ago I wrote here about how Peter Gleick of the Pacific institute had been responsible for a deliberate (and apparently criminal since the victim Heartland Foundation have asked for charges to be pressed) fraud in faking documents purporting to show a well funded "Elders of Zion" type conspiracy funding global warming scepticism.

    Obviously being honest upright investigative journalists the Guardian and other parts of the alarmist movement were horrified about lying and fraud wholly corrupt lying fascists without an honest bone in their body and long record of fraud to hack into innocent peoples electronic records the Guardian and other eco-nazis were supportive of this crook.

    However this thread is more about who is actually getting the moolah

     This from Bishop Hill Full Image
  Of course this is only US money, for example one British ecofascist  quango NERC gets £450 million from of our money to push the scam. It also excludes money only unofficially given - for example if a scientist wants a grant even in an unrelated subject it helps enormously to say it will help prove CAGW while there is no instance of somebody getting a grant by saying it is likely to prove CAGW a fraud.

    However the most amusing bit of this is that while Gleick and other econazis denounce "big oil", Microsoft and "the Koch brothers" as the secret master funders providing millions, well hundreds of thousands, this is a link to how Pacific gets funded.

Including but not limited to:


Exxon Mobil Corporation




SBC (now AT&T)

Verizon Charles G. Koch Foundation

  This is what "crony capitalism" is all about and why the "anti-capitalists" the most deeply corrupted by it.

  The same was found during Climategate when one of Jonse's emails was boasting about how much oil money he got.  In fact "Big ------" may well fund both sides in politics because it is useful to have friends everywhere. However they will fund the side supported by government more heavily because funding the opposition is merely hedging your bets. For example corporate funding of the LibDems has gone up sharply, which is not because of an increase in their popularity. Spiked also explains, better than I, what else there is in it for Big ---- to fund those promoting regulatory fascism. 
it has never been plausible. Large corporations do not suffer from regulation. They are simply able to pass costs on to the consumer. Moreover, regulation creates firm ground on which to base longer-term strategic decisions about capital investments. And finally, regulation creates opportunities for companies that are able to mobilise resources to enter new markets. Wind farms, for example, are not cottage industries. Regulation suits larger companies....

     To put that figure into perspective, an article in Time magazine recently revealed ‘that between 2007 and 2010, the Sierra Club accepted over $25million [£15.7million] in donations… mostly from Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy—one of the biggest gas-drilling companies in the US and a firm heavily involved in fracking - to help fund the Club’s Beyond Coal campaign’.
It would seem that fossil-fuel companies give far greater sums to environmental campaigning organisations in order to score advantage over rival fossil-fuel companies than they give to anti-environmental campaigning organisations.
  Which is why every single person in the "environmental" movement who is honestly opposed to capitalist exploitation rather than just in it for the money and power has long publicly denounced their own side in terms literally thousands of times more strongly than they criticise people like Heartland.

   However this only applies to remotely honest organisations. FoI, Greenpeace, the Guardian, the Green Party, Lucas, Harvie, Gore, Huhne and the rest of the thieving econazi parasites never have.

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