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Monday, February 27, 2012

What The British Media Wnn't Report - Unpublished Letter About the SDL - So No Question Who the Fascists Are

  This letter went out to the Scotsman in response to a letter from the ASH anti-smoking quango .

    As a general rule the letters pages of newspapers are the final refuge in the mainstream media, for any ideas that are not officially approved. After they have been censored from the broadcast media and after they are banned from the news pages, in a society in which any sort of dissent at all is permitted in the media they may still appear in letters pages.

   Thus even the most "right wing" Scottish newspaper simply will not allow letters disagreeing with government funded quangos producing Big State advertising against economic freedom, even in the sole section of the paper that is supposed to be reserved for individual readers not "news" placement by government.

    It would be interested to know if ANY of the letters or "news" stories they publish promoting Big Government scare frauds, come from anybody who is not a paid government propagandist. The fact that there is not a single scientist, anywhere in the world, who supports the warming fraud without being state paid (despite some claiming such independence and being proven liars) suggests that the assumption should be that anybody promoting such frauds is being paid until they choose to prove otherwise.

I note the letter today (Tues.) from Ash giving as a primary reason that the Adam Smith Institute must be wrong, that it believes in the efficiency of the free market. The fact is that there is a very strong correlation between economic freedom and success, as shown by the fact that Singapore and Hong Kong are now much richer per capita than we are.

It is not surprising that such an organisation should hold such an position. It does not depend on raising charity money in the free market since it is very effectively funded by big government, largely for the purpose of "raising awareness" (i.e. advertising) for the need for more government regulation and lobbying that same government for more of this regulation (and more regulators). I'm not sure what other charitable activities take up its time.

Am I the only person who believes government funding of political "opposition", whose programme is ever more state control, is the major threat to our freedom?

It would be interesting to know how many of reader's letters published in newspapers across the country calling for more government busybodying, whether about smoking, alleged catastrophic global warming or whatever the scare story du jour is actually come not from private persons, such as myself, but from but by those paid by the government at least partly to do so.

I have previously pointed out that it is impossible to find a single scientist anywhere in the world who supports the warming scare and is not government funded. It would be good to know many anti-smoking campaigners or "environmentalists", campaigning so loudly, actually work in that free market they appear to so despise.

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