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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Things You Can't Say In The British Media - Freedom of Speech is a Good Thing & Applies Even to People that The Nomenklatura Dislike Such as the SDL

  This is a letter out to the entire Scottish press. It has not been published. I will, of course, acknowledge if it does get used but am fairly confident they will all live down to my expectastion of censorship.

With Ruth Davidson joining the call for banning the SDL demo how glad we must all be that we live in a country where the leaders of all factions of the ruling party are in agreement about preventing our little minds being warped by this dreadful freedom of speech thing. I have no idea what the SDL actually stand for and since whatever it is won't get reported by any part of the mainstream media and (most unusually in any country west of China) even their website is unavailable, I am being protected from knowing.
However with leaders of all 5 parties in Holyrood combining to say they should not be allowed to express those opinions in a public demonstration, to preserve the innocence and purity of the Scottish people's minds, we do at least know what they stand for.
Apart from proclaiming catastrophic global warming, supporting criminal wars, the world's most expensive 'climate change" regulation & consequent ever higher electricity bills and more recession & getting us to pay 8 times as much for a useless new Forth Bridge than the last one cost, in real terms, that is.
We must be grateful that the old-fashioned chaos of the principles of the Scottish Enlightenment are so alien to the minds of the censors in Holyrood as they labour for the greater good of a free & democratic society so mericfully free from the ravages of differing opinions.
 This is the news item in question.
The Scottish Defence League (SDL) has applied to hold a public procession through Glasgow's streets on February 25.
The group has been branded "neo-Nazis masquerading under the flag of Scotland".
An open letter by SNP MSP Humza Yousaf calling on Glasgow City Council to refuse permission for the march has been signed by cross-party MSPs including Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Labour leader Johann Lamont, Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie and Green co-convener Patrick Harvie.
Other signatories are human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, Church of Scotland church and society council convener Reverend Iain Galloway, Dr Salah Beltagui of the Muslim Council of Scotland and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
The open letter is also backed by the STUC and trade unions Unison, Unite Scotland, PCS, FDA and CWU.
Mr Yousaf said: "I am a firm believer in free speech, regardless of how unsavoury it may be. However, it is imperative freedom of speech is not at the expense of public safety.
"The SDL must not be given free rein on our streets to peddle their toxic hatred.
    You cannot be a believer in free speech and an opponent of it at the same time. Even those who support fascism should disapprove of lying fascist hypocrits like the SNP's Yousaf. Whatever arguments there may be for censorship there can be no argument for appointing a censor who proves himself to be personally wholly and completely devoid of any trace of personal  honesty. Clearly all those honest politicians and newspapers in Scotland who have any trace of the principles of Scottish enlightenment will publicly concur.

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Got to agree with you, Neil. The sheer self righteous hypocrisy of these MEPs is sickening. Mr. Yousaf believes in freedom of speech ? I don't think so. I fear what would happen if Scotland became independent. It would not be far from fascistic, I feel.
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