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Sunday, February 05, 2012


 7 Alternatives to EU membership:
1. Join Nafta
2. Join Efta
3. Join Efta and the EEA

4. Forge closer ties with the BRICS economies
5. Make more of the Commonwealth
6. Consider Socialist alternatives
7. Go a la carte
Steve Sailer on "the consistently impressive performance of Northern European Jews—known as “Ashkenazi” Jews" which obviously cannot really exist because race and ethnicity don't exist.
Britain from space

Taxpayer's Alliance on the NHS

Conclusions p31 "11,749 more deaths

occurred in the UK than would have if the UK had matched the average mortality

amenable to healthcare rates of European peers.

 This is more than four times the total number of deaths from road accidents

in 2008. It is equivalent to over 2,000 more deaths than those related to

alcohol in 2008.

 The UK has caught up with its European peers at a nearly constant rate between

1981 and 2008. In that time there has been a huge increase in spending on

healthcare since 1999. This suggests that money alone has no discernable

effect on mortality rates.
50 deaths from the German organic farm e coli outbreak. That virtually equals Chernobyl and is 25 times greater than all the deaths from nuclear power production in the last 20 years. This is why every single politician, journalist, newspaper and broadcaster who are not corrupt fascist scaremongers deliberately lying and censoring have devoted as much time to calling for the closing of "organic" farms as  nuclear power stations. But only the one4s that aren't lying fascists.
The Mercalli Intensity Scale - a more useful measure of earthquakes/tremors than Richter.

Europe Can Only Envy U.S. Gas Miracle From Sidelines - WSJ - In fact it isn't a miracle it is a technological breakthrough which the EU and UK governments, being Luddite parasites, are preventing working here. The only thing we need envy is that, even under Obama, the US is not run by as dishonest parasitic thieves as we are.

Telomere Tweaks Reverse Aging in Mice
Computer viruses evolving without human intervention

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