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Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Couple of Examples Of What An Enormous Advantage We Have By Being One Of The World's Most Advanced ....

,,,countries. And of how much the Luddite ecofascists in government are throwing away.And of how effectively we could come back if the politicians would stop hobbling us. After all Britain still has a significantly better rate of referred scientific papers per capita (the only really impartial way of measuring scientific competence) than the USA.
the Falkland War demonstrated that a nation that did not have small computers and people accustomed to using them was not going to have an effective military.
   And examples of what even a small government department with a budget tiny by the standards of the big departments can do when intelligently motivated. The department being America's DARPA, nominally a defence procurement agency but in fact a way of stimulating technological breakthroughs.

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