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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dalgety Bay - Still Less Than 2/3rds As Radioactive As Aberdeen But SEPA Intend to Impose Blight - is anywhere safe?

     One interesting thing about the Dalgety Bay radiation fraud is that, with the exception of the BBC, who push it relentlessly despite, or possibly because, they know SEPA's history of fraud here, the rest of the media are giving it minimal coverage.

    Unfortunately this also means they have the excuse to censor any factual reporting on the subject too. Thus, this letter I sent a few days ago to all and sundry appears to have gone unpublished.
It seems SEPA are now threatening to permanently close off the beach at Dalgety Bay in their empire building campaign to ramp up false fears about radioactivity. SEPA have previously been caught telling at least 2 major lies on the subject.
Firstly claiming, on the BBC, to have made studies of the radioactive materials and chemically proven them to be made of paint. Repeated FoI searches have proven that no such finding of paint particles has ever been made.
Secondly to have found "radium and its daughter elements" in the beach rock. In fact the "daughter element" that radium breaks down into is radon - a gas not a rock. The scientific illiteracy required to make such a silly claim is obvious.
The aforementioned FoI enquiries have brought to light the fact that their consultants did, years ago, tell them that "the highest reading recorded at Dalgety Bay was still less than 2/3rds that found in a typical Aberdeen street".

Everywhere has natural radiation. A square mile of earth at Dalgety Bay will contain 3 tonnes of uranium and 6 tonnes of thorium and 1 gram of natural radium because that is what every average square mile on the planet contains. By comparison the possible presence of less than a gram of water soluble paint, only a small fraction of which was actually radium, from the figures on the dials of a few aircraft 66 years ago is immeasurably small. Indeed SEPA have, despite their claims, been wholly unable to find any trace of it.
Beyond that there is no evidence whatsoever that radiation, up to well beyond the higher rates found in Aberdeenshire, causes any harm whatsoever, indeed the balance of scientific evidence strongly supports the view that such levels are beneficial to health. Though the sort of ignorant bureaucrats who do not know the "daughter element" of radium is a gas, have long pushed the theory radiation, even well below the naturally occurring level, being dangerous no honest scientist anywhere in the world agrees.
It is disgraceful that the local people are being frightened and may be permanently deprived of their beach to promote what anybody scientifically literate in SEPA must know to be a false, though newsworthy, scare.
Refs - Dalgety radiation less than 2/3rds background in Aberdeen

- Radioactives in soil

- scientific illiteracy undenied by SEPA

- SEPA threaten publicly funded legal action "reserve its position" if anybody says anything untrue about them so clearly they accept I haven't.
    The problem is that if the Armed Forces refuse to be browbeaten into paying Danegeld out of our limited Defence budget for what they must also know to be a deliberate fraud SEPA may well have painted themselves into the corner of having to permanently close off this beach and subject the entire area to "eco-scare blight". Indeed SEPA seem to be driving full tilt for that scenario.
"SEPA believes that the Ministry of Defence is responsible for the radioactive material present at Dalgety Bay, and as such Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is the responsible party in terms of remediation. SEPA will continue to work constructively and co-operatively with DIO, but as the regulator SEPA has a specific role under the Radioactive Contaminated Land Regulations (RCL) to assess the fitness of the proposals of the responsible party for the protection of the environment and human health."
If this does not happen, SEPA intends to designate the area as RCL by the end of March 2012.

  This is an effect of Scotland having a newspaper industry that is so very far from the perceived role of the press - to report what the powerful and particularly those in government are doing against our interests - and a broadcast media whose "news" exists purely to promote state propaganda, even when they specifically know it to be dishonest.

    This has happened before. After Chernobyl government inspectors inspected sheep farms and found a background radiation level comparable to what might be expected in an Aberdeen street. This was announced to be caused by Chernobyl and the farms were forbidden to sell the mutton until such time as the radiation decreased. Fairly quickly the radiation did decrease at Chernobyl because highly radioactive isotopes do burn out quickly - that is why they are highly radioactive thus in Chernobyl today radiation levels are "less than those of being in an aircraft flying at 30,000 ft". But the sheep farm radiation did not decline this steeply proving it simply could not be from Chernobyl and must be background radiation that has been there for many millions of years. But it is the nature of government that they do not admit error so some of these farmers are still being deprived.

   As with Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and virtually every other instance we find the anti-nuclear scare campaign has been orders of magnitude more damaging than any radiation release.

   To put the silence, implying consent, by the Scottish traditional media in its place, the always sensible online Register is, as always, sensible.
Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe
...Well no, absolutely not: the so-called "contamination" which has been found at Dalgety Bay is insignificant as beach pollution goes. You would create a similar "hazard" by throwing a few thousand completely legal luminous watches into the sea there. You could keep the most radioactive "particle" yet found in your home forever in complete safety. ...

UPDATE Steuart Campbell has made this obvious point I had not thought of. 
What I wonder is what happened to all the radioactive dials of other WW2 aircraft. Surely Dalgety Bay was not the repository of all the UK's redundant aircraft.

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Hi Neil -since the half life of radon gas is only 3.8days, and all of it's daughter products are solids,it would need to be contained long enough for these daughter products to form in any concentration whatsoever. If there are indeed concentrated sources of radioactivity on Dalgety bay beach, they are as likely to have come from some source out in the Firth of Forth and have washed up there due to currents and tides. The MOD embarrassment, that it is possibly trying to hide from may be from a more recent source and a different armed service, but the implications would have wide ramifications -if true.
This is an effect of Scotland having a newspaper industry that is so very far from the perceived role of the press.
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