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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dalgety Bay - 2 Freedom of Information Queries.

  From a point raised by Steuart Campbell about what happened to all the other aircraft.

Dear Byron Tilly or current occupant,
                                                          Please consider this another Freedom of Information request.

      Assuming SEPA have been running your investigation into alleged manmade radioactivity at Dalgety Bay in the proper scientific manner the very first thing you must have done is to determine the number of aircraft destroyed at that beach; weight of paint required to paint the numbers on each of the dials in such aircraft; and the proportion of paint that consists of radium since this gives a figure for the maximum possible amount of radium released at the time, without which no serious investigation could proceed. Certainly;y the solubility of the paint and/or its removal from the scene in the form of smoke during the burning and erosion and weathering over the subsequent 65 years would be expected to reduce it much further but at least you will have thereby established the maximum possible theoretical exposure. I would therefore like to know these 3 figures.

     Secondly, since any serious scientific investigation of substances requires a control example you must have carried out a similar investigation into the radioactivity level of a comparable and presumably adjoining beach. I would like to know what beach was chosen, what the background reading were at each and the the ratio of man-hours invested to particle found at each. I have previously asked for similar information to this latter part in an FoI but you refused to answer. I wish to point out that you do have a legal duty to give responsive responses to all such queries.

Please also acknowledge receipt of this email.


Ministry of Defence.
      In December 1944 Britain had 14.500 aircraft in Europe. I assume it would be several thousand more before hostilities ended. Almost all of these would have had radioactive paint on their dials that, alone, would make nighttime flight possible. Almost all of these have since been decommissioned. I wish to make a Freedom of Information enquiry to know the sites at which such decommissioning took place and the numbers at each site. I would also like to know if there was any body ensuring that dials from these aircraft were kept separate and sent to the Atomic Energy Authority (or similar body existing at the time) for permanent storage and how many of those they have in storage now.

       I would also like to know the volume of paint and the amount of that that was radium rather than fixative agents, purchased by the RAF during WW2. I realise that unfortunately the large majority of night bombers were lost over various German cities so the amount subsequently decommission would be a fraction of that.

      It seems likely that if SEPA are correct about Dalgety beach needing to be declared permanently unfit for human beings to visit so must the Ruhr.

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