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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scotsman Letter - Greenland Melting Lie

  I'm afraid I missed this letter in the Scotsman yesterday
When considering the "environmentalist" scare stories about Greenland having melted 12 per cent of its ice, or a fraction of 1 per cent (Letters, 17 September), it is worth pointing out that Greenland has had this covering for at least 450,000 years and probably more than 600,000.

This obviously means that it did not disappear during the nearly 5,000 years of Climate Optimum up to 5,000BC, when temperatures were as much as 4C warmer than today.
Another ugly "green" scare story destroyed by beautiful facts.

  Fortunately it was brought to my attention by 2 replies today - which I will, in turn, reply to.

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