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Monday, August 08, 2011

Blaming the Bankers for Recession - The Road to Fascism

29 Apr 2009

An overwhelming majority of Londoners blame City bankers for the recession and fear the capital is suffering worse than the rest of Britain, a Standard poll shows today.
A total of 85 per cent of voters believed the "greed and short-sighted behaviour" of executives in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf "contributed significantly" to the downturn, the survey found. Only eight per cent believed they were not to blame.
  This is simply a lie that the politicians who are really responsible have managed to promote. The fact is that it was politicians, particularly Gordon Brown who printed money and promoted ever rising house prices to produce the appearance of growth, while actually destroying the fundamental basis of it, inexpensive power and economic freedom. In this he had the support of not only his own party but the leadership of the other 2 parties. In America a similar false boom was created by regulations requiring people without assets to get mortgages producing, if anything, even more of a castle in the air economy.

  If you think about it is it is obvious that a conspiracy of unrelated individuals, often in competition with each other (bankers, Jews, opposition politicians) is much more difficult than governmental responsibility. After all government holds all the levers of power and by its nature, holds a common view. This is not to say conspiracies outwith government never exist or even that they never succeed (2 entirely separate things as Guy Fawkes found out) but that the odds are long against both. Occam's Razor says that government should be held responsible for things it is officially responsible for. Bankers have little choice but to follow the rules government lays down, individual bankers who don't will likely lose out to the competition, as Fred Goodwin's predecessor did.

  Why is it important that honest people nail this lie?

Because (A) if you don't know what actually went wrong you can't fix it , only repeat the same error, as we now see with the stock market falls and what looks like a 2nd recession even before we are out of the first. (B) If we allow ourselves to be lied to we will get liars and worse, people who actually believe it, in power.
[Post WW1 German} opinion that they had not lost the war, they believed that the army had been cheated. (Hitler later phrased this as 'The Stab in the back'). As a consequence of this many germans looked for people to blame. Some lay the blame in the hands of the Kaiser. Others, many others, looked to the new Government. They had immediately sued for peace and accepted the terms of the Armistice. For many Germans this showed that they were largely to blame. Other theories that were popular amongst the former soldiers were that it was the result of Communists or Jews.

'Racist US bankers' to blame for credit crisis

The failure of racist American bankers to provide black home owners with fair mortgages fuelled the financial crisis, Trevor Phillips, the equalities chief, will claim in a major speech this week.

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The lying anti-science Nazi parasites still have no answer to the 7 questions!!!!

Here are seven questions that no climate so-called “skeptic” has been able to answer. If they were to answer them honestly they would be forced to admit that their entire anti-science jihad is corrupt:

1. Do you agree with Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer’s statements that anthropogenic global warming is undeniable?

2. Do you accept that the rise in CO2 has increased ocean acidification, hastening the destruction of marine ecosystems with long term negative consequences for seafood production?
3. Do you accept that the National Academy of Sciences, and subsequent peer reviewed literature, have affirmed the fundamental conclusions of the “Hockey Stick” temperature reconstructions presented Mann and his colleagues?

4. Do you accept that many claims from people and organisations on the denialist side, such as Steven McIntyre’s claim that the National Academy of Sciences supported his critique of Mann, or Wegmann’s critique of Mann being shown to be plagiarism and fraud, are examples of denailist “voodoo”?

5. Do you accept that there are a number of carbon-based fuel conservation solutions and alternative energy sources that are both affordable and will have to be undertaken eventually anyway as fossil fuel reserves are depleted?

6. Do you accept that denialist fraud (Such as Wegman’s or McIntyre’s) detracts from the credibility of the entire denialist movement?

7. Of the alleged "skeptics" - can you name 2 climate specialists, who have no track record of fossil fuel industry support, who deny the scientific consensus regarding global warming outlined by the IPCC?
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