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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

25,000 Pensioners Deliberately Killed Annually - MPs Decide "to engage with the public to explain"

From the WSJ
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a thousand-page report on the future of renewable energy, which it defined as solar, hydro, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal and biomass. These energy sources, said the IPCC, generate about 13.8% of our energy and, if encouraged to grow, could eventually displace most fossil fuel use.

However this, while not technically a lie, assuming you accept their definitions, is deliberately dishonest
the great majority of this energy, 10.2% out of the 13.8% share, comes from biomass, mainly wood (often transformed into charcoal) and dung (note this is energy figures not electricity, burning dung is mainly confined to the 3rd world). Most of the rest is hydro; less than 0.5% of the world's energy comes from wind, tide, wave, solar and geothermal put together.- of which wind is 0.2%
then there is nuclear power. Uranium is not renewable, but plutonium is, in the sense that you can "breed"
Nevertheless to promote the eco-Nazi insanity A quarter of Brits are living in fuel poverty as energy bills rocket and are set to rise another 60% "official" to pay for this useless windmillery. Excess winter deaths in Britain hover around 25,000 annually.
Excess winter mortality, England and Wales, 1998/99 to 2007/08
Though figures for last winter with both more cold and higher prices aren't yet in. Many, probably most, of these deaths would be prevented by reliable affordable power, and that they happen is the deliberate choice of our political classes.

  On the other hand, to prove how on message China is they are also greatly increasing their "renewables" mainly by building the Three Gorges Dam, which eco-fascists staunchly oppose, but also because doubling your wind use isn't difficult when doubling almost zero still means almost zero
Hidden direct tax of £200 for windmills which is why Scotland gets a 10% increase in electricity costs (though this is merely a fraction of the price reduction that would be possible with nuclear).

Before looking at shale gas MPs published their agenda, which gives us several clues to their thinking. Here it is.

What are the prospects for shale gas in the UK, and what are the risks of rapid depletion of shale gas resources?

What are the implications of large discoveries of shale gas around the world for UK energy and climate change policy, including investment in renewables?

What are the risks and hazards associated with drilling for shale gas?

How does the carbon footprint of shale gas compare to other fossil fuels?

Is there a case for calling a moratorium on shale gas exploration until the local pollution and global-environmental impacts are better understood?

Here is evidence given by Dr Philip Bratby on exactly how insane their policy is so they cannot claim not to know.

The British government faces a public backlash against its green energy agenda as consumers are unwilling to spend more on power and gas bills to pay for investment in low-carbon forms of energy, a parliamentary committee warned on Monday.
"Our evidence points to the danger of a backlash against the government's green agenda if it means rising bills for consumers," the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee said in a report.
It urged the government and the energy industry to better engage with the public to explain underlying factors that create higher energy prices.
  Lets see some of these obscene murdering filth  "engage" by telling us why, over the last 20 years they have murdered at least 250,000 pensioners (25,000 X 20 X min 50%).

   That's 400 people per MP which puts Anders Breivik's 85 in the shade.

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