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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sarah Palin for President

There was a considerable amount of publicity given in Britain & perhaps America to the story, led by the Guardian but pushed elsewhere, that Margaret Thatcher had snubbed Sarah Palin, having a "friend" call her "nuts" and similar stuff.

Mrs Thatcher's Office have confirmed that it was a lie.
Of course neither the Guardian nor any of the others have apologised for this

Sarah Palin has regularly stated her admiration for Thatcher including in her most recent article so such fabricated stories will do real damage and it is a sign of the media hatred of her that such blatant lies get told. The British media attitude is roughly what one would expect if PBS dominated your media and the public knew very little of what she actually represents so the media can lie with impunity.

I am impressed with that article of hers which deliberately quotes Mrs Thatcher's “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  whi8ch seems particularly apt regarding Obama's various trillion dollar stimuli to the American economy which have so signally failed.  The entire article is worth reading. I cannot imagine any politician in office or among opposition leaders in Britain who would write such a perceptive and honest piece. Even, when in power, I suspect Mrs Thatcher would have been slightly more circumspect. It is is not only to her credit that she is willing to speak so honestly but to the American people's credit that she remains popular even after speaking such truths.

And she has just said
"I believe that I can win a national election," Palin told Newsweek, as she explained how she believes Americans are "desperate" and "deserving" of "positive change."
"I'm not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, or it can only be me, to turn things around," the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee told the magazine. "But I do believe that I can win."
all of which is true. I have previously said that my dream ticket would be Gingrich and Palin. Last time I said that I suggested he be at the top of the ticket. Since then I have changed my mind.

Firstly Gingrich's campaign has crashed and burned - he is nowhere in the polls and many of his staff have resigned.These suggest he doesn't have the fire running for the office would require.

Secondly his longtime friend Jerry Pournelle has listed the qualities a President needs, including previous executive experience (ie a Governor) which Gingrich lacks and said that he would prefer him as chief advisor to a President rather than holding the office himself. That probably, though not certainly, means Vice President.

Thirdly Steve Sailer has said something similar and explains why.

So she should run.

She has activists willing to work for her without money, indeed to their great personal cost and  such people are a political asset literally beyond price.

She knows what she stands for and it is something America, indeed all of western civilisation  needs.

Her disadvantage is that the media hate her and as demonstrated above, will tell absolutely any lie to traduce her. However that is not the disadvantage it used to be because the media have been doing it for years now, everybody knows it and increasingly their attacks have rebounded on themselves. Moreover if there had been any hint of genuine scandal against her, or even factual argument against her competence, it would have surfaced by now. Even when the media got together to devour her emails they not only found nothing damaging in them but that she showed a writing ability and precision of mind in her day to day writings that most CEOs don't have and not far short of that in the Gettysburg Address. The same cannot be said about anybody else, though it may be said to a more limited extent of Gingrich who also had to endure a long succession of clearly false "ethics" complaints from Democrats working the system.

In any case whoever the Republican candidate is the media are going to be 100% behind Obama, as they were last time. If the media are going to be fought she is obviously the one to do it and since the boss of CNN is on record as saying the USA should adopt China's one child policy , without even his competitors bringing it up I think the media Moguls might not find such a fight any easy one.

Sarah Palin is neck and neck leader in the Republican polls without having announced her candidacy. When she does she is likely to be leader. If, when she does, she has a credible running mate, the Republican nomination will be in the bag and she will be ready for the main event. I suggest Gingrich who has been House leader and is acknowledged as brilliant and represents continuity would have such credibility. The sooner the fight for the Republican nomination is over and even more importantly the less words the candidates have said in anger against each other, the greater the odds on them winning.

Not only is this picture cool it has been magnificently thought out. That a bike is a symbol of America and freedom and the worki8ng class rather than the Washington "elite" she has been posed driven by a smaller woman in a lower position while she is power dressed in dark clothes. Todd is a champion snowmobiler and can  thus easily control a bike but for him to have done it would either have shown her controlling him or vice versa, neither of which would have been a good message. Such subliminal effects do not happen by accident but require a consummate campaigner.

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Almost had me there. Great satire!
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