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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Catastrophic Global Warming Fraud

   The Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference is coming up in Edinburgh. It will have Alex Salmond, Chris Huhne and Al Gore lying speaking. I assume low carbon doesn't include any support of the lowest carbon form of power generation - nuclear. As Salmond says
There must be no let up in our efforts to secure an increasing share of the growing global low carbon market. That is why, as part of that work, I am pleased to announce the second Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference will take place on the 27th and 28th of September in Edinburgh
Except, of course, for the only low carbon source that is economically sustainable. After all if it was left up to economic reality all these corrupt, thieving, murdering fascist parasites would be out of a job.

  Delors refers to this, on the BBC, where opera star Christine Rice explained why she has given up a career in "climate science"
I was amazed really by the inadequacy of what we had, because we’re talking about climate change which is over tens of thousands of years as opposed to the twenty years of data that we had. So in a way we were putting out a lot of ideas and not really having concrete scientific research to support it, and I suppose at that point I did lose a little bit of my spark, thinking well I could propose an idea and I could probably draft a thesis that would support it and yet I wouldn’t really convince myself necessarily.

  Gresham's Law is that bad money drives out good, because, by government fiat both have the same value so coins made of real precious metals get taken off the market. In allegedly scientific disciplines, we are seeing bad "scientists" driving good out of the field. If you get prevented from doing good science, good scientists, motivated by science rather than money, will quit.

    This is probably a problem for all government funded science not merely the false "science" of catastrophic warming.

   Naturally, when presented with the possibility of a scoop whereby a climate scientist was clearly willing to blow the lid the BBC interviewer instantly moved on to other subjects.
  Talking of censorship the Independent interview, referred to here, where Britain's Chief Science Advisor, Sir David King said by 2100 "Antarctica will be the only habitable continent" (at least a 30 C increase) has been removed from their site though this is less effective in today's world than Orwell forecast.

  When he subsequently said that warming would be a whole 3 C the BBC, displaying the very highest standard of honesty to which any of these disgusting, corrupt, thieving, eco-Nazis ever aspire, referred to it as his "strongest statement yet".
  On Jerry Pournelle somebody said that for any sensible decisions to be made on "warming we should first know what the most desirable temperature would be. I replied
This is a question that used to have been answered. There is a period known as the "Climate Optimum" around 9,000 – 5,000 years ago. The temperature was up to 4 C warmer than now and the Sahara was fertile, supporting, if cave paintings in the central Sahara are to be believed, all sorts of animals including hippopotamus.

This answer is no longer acceptable but no other has been substituted.

Neil C
  And on both bad science driving out good and on censorship we have this case from the invaluable Register,of those in charge at CERN telling scientists they should not say anything about the effect of results they have made on cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere
The chief of the world's leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD ("Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets") experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in
  The thinking behind this is that while the correlation between global temperature and solar activity has always been statistically very close the climate fraudsters had been able to deny it because the change in solar output seems to small to explain it. A counter theory is that the solar wind also affects cloud formation and the 2 effects together closely match observed results. Proof from CERN that the cosmic rays have the effect postulated would prove that CO2 warming's effect is between minuscule and undetectable and we can't have that can we.

Meanwhile another lying Nazi parasite, this time LudDim Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) minister Jeremy Browne, has objected to the British Council, an organisation nominally intended to promote British art and culture overseas, ceasing to devote much of its budget to promoting warming scares. I emailed the obscene, racist, organlegging Nazi filth to ask what evidence he had that catastrophic warming was true but evidently he had none, but it still makes a useful scare.

And on another scare - according to New American windmills had killed 41 people there by 2008. his compares to 2 deaths, worldwide, from nuclear, over the last 20 years. Obviously every Green supporter of windmills, who isn't a lying parasite, has spent far more time criticising windmills than nuclear power. If anybody knows of a single member of the Green movement who is not personally a wholly corrupt, thieving fascist scare monger I hope they will identify them.

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Yes, Al Gore is a charlatan and who will be paying his usual $300,ooo appearance fee?

The points you make in your article are well put and succinct, yet with references and links.

Please do check out some Climate Hokum Exposure Videos at the website of the "Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science" wher you will see the depth of deceit, and learn some facts about the truth of climate change science.

There is a lot of appearances there by UKIP's Lord Monckton.
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