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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anders Breivik - Unpublished Letter - that it is unpublished proves the point made

   I sent this letter to all and sundry a few days ago and it does not appear to have been published by anybody. Frankly I didn't think it would be precisely because of the point I made- there is no democratic safety valve whereby such real and important political issues can be debated - the press and broadcasters do not allow it. The fact of the letter not being published proves it is correct.

  Even now the BBC totally censor any mention of Andrew Neather's revelation about Labour's deliberate promotion of mass immigration and I have long ago shown that the entire MSM deliberately totally censor mention of our government's genocide and organleging in occupied Kosovo.

Without media willing to report facts that the state does not wish reported there can be no democracy.
our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost”

Thomas Jefferson
And that means a press that wants to be free, not one owned by the government or that self censors in the fascist cause, as we have. Perhaps even more to the point of the recent killings
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson
I do not know much about Norway's government and what I do know (they have been able to build hundreds of km of tunnels at 1/200th the cost the frauds, liars and parasites in Britain say can be done and they are not in the EU) suggests they are considerably less tyrannical than ours.  Even if he was right his tactics, killing much of the next generation of Norway's elite (young adults not the "children" the media say) may do more harm than good as the Kirov assassination in Stalin's Russia did.  Whatever one thinks of Breivik he is, by his own lights, undoubtedly a patriot willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

   I believe in the death penalty and regret that he will not face it. Nonetheless European civilisation would be much the weaker if there were no lone patriots willing to follow their own consciences. Better a country that has such people than one where the "great and good" are corrupt genocidal mass murderers and the press lie and censor to protect them.

I do not know if the Norwegian Labour government had gone quite as far as the British Labour one in deliberately but quietly encouraging mass immigration for "social reasons" as has been publicly admitted. Labour apparatchik Andrew Neather publicly boasted this a couple of years ago though the BBC and other "respectable" organs decided it was too unimportant to report -The "social reasons" appear to be a mixture of expecting immigrants to obediently vote for them combined with the Labour nomenklatura wishing to have immigrants to do their gardening and mind their children rather than uppity working class Brits.
It in no way justifies Breivik's killings to say that when a society finds there is no democratic safety valve whereby such real and important political issues can be debated (& immigration is hardly the only one where both opponents and facts are largely undebatable in our mainstream media and parties) contempt and hatred of the out of touch political classes is inevitable. The contempt felt for MPs misusing their expenses is a very long way from the hatred Breivik showed but they are opposite ends of the same spectrum.
If one did wish to justify Breivik's killing it would be possible to point out that almost all NATO leaders, including Norway's, participated in a criminal war against Yugoslavia resulting in NATO controlled police (formerly the NATO organised, armed and trained KLA) ethnically cleansing 350,000; carrying out massacres such as the Dragodan massacre where 210 civilians were killed just outside the British military HQ) and the dissection, while still alive, of 1,3000 entirely apolitical Serb civilians. It is difficult to see why such far greater atrocities have gone largely undiscussed in our mainstream media or that those who condemn Breivik but not these murders are right to do so.

Neil Craig

REF - Neather's original article since confirmed by migrationwatch FoI enquiry
You already know about the dissections and as your previous decisions to censor news or even letters on the subject proves, they ate indeed largely undiscussable in our censoring media. You may not already be aware that NATO knew of the KLA's predilections before they hired them.

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