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Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Recent Links

  Some recent reading, mainly on how the state and media lies to promote ecofascism, with some good news at both ends:

Geert Wilders found innocent of free speech. Possibly the fact that he is the most popular Dutch politician influenced the judges not to find against him though the under the law, as written, his defence that everything he said is factual, was not a legitimate defence. Not reported By our MSM.

The US Supreme Court has also rolled back on previous decisions that suggested "the debate is over" about the catastrophic warming we are said to be experiencing. Again the fact that scepticism is becoming the accepted position among Republican politicians, many distancing themselves from previous alarmist claims, under public pressure. The court has specifically said that Freeman Dyson's public scepticism impressed them. Dyson discussed here as America's greatest living scientist.

BBC dishonesty - they have run this article virtually entirely about the Fukushima meltdown and in a sidebar given the figures for "The disaster in numbers". The disaster meant 24,000 killed and missing. That is the figure for the tsunami. The figure for the much more newsworthy reactor deaths is zero, and virtually certain to remain so. Perhaps I should do a a blog on the BBC, making some small mention of Auschwitz and then say "The number of people killed by the BBC & co" is 6 million. No - fun though it would be we bloggers have journalistic standards to maintain.

Al Fin comes up with the delightful phrase "the hucksters of doom".

Spiked on why the MSM fell for the Syrian Lesbian Democract Blogger - basically you just have to tell them any lie they want to hear and they will happily push it.

Why CAGW scare about warming increasing deaths is false - quite the opposite.
How Lord Oxburgh, chosen by East Anglia University, to do one of its "inquiries" into climategate, by owning a windfarm company, had an undeniable interest in the result. Muir Russell, who headed the other one, having previously taken the blame for "hiding from Ministers" the fact that the Scottish Parliament building had gone more than 10 times over budget (something the ministers would have known if any of them ever read the papers) and being rewarded for his incompetence/taking the blame for ministers incompetence was well rewarded by ministers with a series of plum jobs. I have suggested that his adeptness at whitewashing over that £414 million rip off could only have made him ideal to run the climategate "inquiry" if it was, fraudulently, intended to produce a whitewash. It did produce a whitewash.
The major "catastrophic warming" event recently has been a group very credible scientsts, including  from NASA sating that we are heading for global cooling. At first it got no serious MSM coverage. As the GWPF explains:
"Then the story takes a curious turn.
On Wednesday the Science Media Centre (SMC) in the UK issued a briefing document about the research. The SMC provides commentary by scientists on news stories, giving background and quotes.
Its briefing was headed, “Expert reaction to the GWPF claim that reduced solar activity could mean that ‘Earth May Be Headed Into A Mini Ice Age Within A Decade’ “ It included this link – to the GWPF’s first few lines of the Register article. GWPF claim! The GWPF was not making this claim as a cursory look would reveal. No points to the SMC for accuracy.

The SMC's briefing was widely quoted in the British press and beyond. I wonder if I am alone in being worried that so many media outlets let the SMC chose their experts and pick their comments for them? Journalists should take advantage of expert opinion from whatever source but what happened here with the dominance of the SMC's choice of expert and quote feels like inappropriate outsourcing by a herd mentality.

The SMC's funding comes from these. They don't say how much money comes to them from each source but the NERC alone is a government quango which disburses £400 million annually to promote the warming scare and other ecofascist "hobgoblins". The 2 government "departments" listed, the Economic & Social Research Council, Met Office, NICE and others are also branches of government. I should point out that the Wellcome Trust, which is a major funder, is not government. Nonetheless this organisation, which clearly effectively controls how the "independent" media report scientific matters, looks likely to be getting enough government funding to be considered a fakecharity arm of state propaganda.

    And finally in response to me waxing lyrical, in my normal extreme way, about how great our technological future is because Moore's Law has taken us to the point where a mobile phone has more capacity than the world's best computers in the 1950s, I find I have (reply 2.14 by Rhoda) been way too moderate
My not-very-state-of-the-art mobile phone has more memory on it than (probably) existed in the world when I started working on mainframes in 1977. 1 meg filled a room.
The difference between us and the greens is that we believe there will be progress, and we don't need to worry about it. They fear change, and cannot conceive that things get better. This is so basic a part of human nature that there is no coming to a consensus over it.

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