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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


On Monday the Scotsman published my letter which is effectively a reprint of my blog on the Kelvin Park "riot". However it has not appeared on the online version which is quite remarkable. Though it went out to other papers, including those based more around Glasgow, it did not appear there, although they generally did print letters on the subject - all denouncing the "rioters".

I leave conclusions about how our MSM works to readers.
Comments on the EU Referendum site have heavily reflected my piece and been overwhelmingly in agreement.

Also in Monday's Scotsman Brian Monteith's article tears into 3 points on which the SNP's policies are clearly incompatible with their claims to promote independence. Their local income tax policy depends on Westminster agreeing to hand over £374 million, currently rebated in relation to the Community Charge but not due over income tax (this is really a subset of the fact that Scotland being poorer tends to pay less tax and get more money overall). Their plans to charge English students in Scottish Universities can work only if a United Kingdom exists - if England were independent of us, within the EU, they, like other EU citizens, could not be charged (many EU rules are silly and unenforceable but this exceeds most). And over the SNP commitment to ending all conventional power in favour of windmills:
Whatever the merits of their power-generating capability - the doubts of many engineers and scientists compared to the optimism of the commercial interests and government-funded lobbyists is a cause for concern - there is no escaping that wind turbines are heavily subsidised by higher charges forced upon on coal, gas and nuclear generation and managed by the UK Treasury.

In an independent Scotland the net transfer of monies from English consumers to Scottish wind farmers would cease and the subsidy transfer would have to be borne solely by Scottish consumers. Electricity consumption would be more expensive for those faced with paying for it in an independent Scotland. Salmond cannot deny this.

There are those that say Scotland could export its wind-generated energy but they ignore the fact that England is already connected to the French nuclear supply that costs 1.3p per kWh while British (mainly Scottish) wind power costs 14p per kWh when the 5.5p subsidy is removed.
I would add that, since wind is infinitely variable we would be relying on England providing conventional power to us (though the current interconnector would have to be greatly expanded) whenever the wind fell. This is the situation applying in Denmark except that they can buy and sell electricity with Norway, Sweden & Germany and sell mainly to Germany. Even so the electricity they buy, when demand is high, is charged at a far higher, sometimes infinitely higher, rate than Germany is willing to pay for their electricity at times when demand is low. Denmark thus has the world's most expensive electricity.

Scotland will be in a worse position since we have effectively only 1 customer/supplier to sell to or to buy from - a customer who can get French nuclear power produced at a 10th of our production price and a supplier who could plunge us into darkness at the flick of a switch. A UK government countenances southern money subsidising northern windmills, and their inabilities to provide power, but obviously a purely English government wouldn't.

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We would be saving money not paying for Trident, The House of Lords, The Scottish Office, and the huge subsidy hidden by the Treasury hall of smoke and mirrors that London rakes in from Scotland.

Brown's £2bn Tube bail out...THE SOUTH FEAST.......

The Government is having to pay £2billion to clear the debts of failed Tube contractor Metronet, it was revealed today.

The Department for Transport must hand over the money after Metronet's backers called in their loans. It marks a major humiliation for Gordon Brown who as Chancellor was the chief architect of the private public partnership deal behind the debacle.

Read the full story here...
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