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Sunday, May 15, 2011


    Yesterday BBC Scotland's radio news reported on the climate conference in which sceptics and alarmists were supposed to get together and discuss the subject without rancour. It is described by Andrew Mountford who was one of the participants on his blog and it seems to have been a bit to large to allow much more than speech making.

    However the BBC reporting was unusual. They had a short interview with an alarmist and then, wonder of wonders, another with Ian Plimer, in which he was actually allowed to answer without interruption (he said that there were many periods in history and prehistory when the temperature had been warmer and many, not at the same time, where the CO2 levels had been higher). Then, wonder upon wonder upon wonder, they interviewed the organiser of the conference who was also clearly impressed by the sceptical side.

   So 2 interviews (admittedly the latter 2)  putting the theory that we are not all doomed by catastrophic warming to 1 that we are. Not exactly negating their admitted 10s of thousands of hours of  alarmist propaganda with under 2 minutes of the truth but, for the BBC, a remarkable change.

   Rats and sinking ships come to mind.

the normal BBC scare

UPDATE A commenter on Bishop Hill gives a link to the BBC recording

Unusually for the BBC they were quite balanced and ran brief interviews with Alan Howard, Ian Plimer and Andrew Watson from CRU. Alan Howard even managed to fit in that the global temperatures had not risen for 10 - 12 years (Sic) which is remarkable on the BBC. The article starts around 1hour 49 minutes in.


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