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Sunday, April 24, 2011


The BBC told us what the 25 top issues are in the Scottish election. They did so by choosing their own 25 and asking 1004 to pot them in orfder. Though they made an issue over replacing windmills (19th) SNP policy they did not ask about building new nuclear *UKIP & to a smaller extent Tory & Labour policy). Well I'm going to try a few here and see how the choice goes. The BBC's top ten are here and if the BBC have chosen in an unbiased way should be the to 10 here as well. Vote for as many of these as you support (2 are more extensive versions of other - if you want the more extensive one but would accept the less extensive fote for both).
Top 25 Issues in the Scottish election
Replace current nuclear plants with new ones to keep the lights on
Allow the unsubsidised building of as many nuclear plants as the free market wants
Grow the economy aiming for the long term UK rate
Grow the economy aiming to match the world's best, using the methods which have worked best elsewher
Use the Tartan Tax to cut income tax by up to 3p
Use the Tartan tax to raise income tax by up to 3p
Introduce schools vouchers
End or modify the smoking ban
Stop subsidising windmills
Allow Norwegian style tunnel building to link the Highlands and Islands into our road system
Reduce the waiting time for suspected cancer cases to see a specialist, from four weeks to two
Keep up the number of police on the streets
Retain free university education for all Scottish students
Spend more money on apprenticeships for unemployed young people
Reduce the council tax for households where all the adults are pensioners
Freeze the council tax for the next two years
Scrap the council tax for pensioners on low incomes
Keep free bus travel for everyone aged over 60
Cut the bill for the highest paid in the public sector by 10%
Keep prescriptions free for everyone
Allow issues to be put to referenda (as in California)
Either the promised Lisbon Treaty referendum or an EU referendum
Discourage mass immigration
Phase out nuclear power stations and replace with wind and wave power
Build a new road bridge across the River Forth free polls

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