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Wednesday, April 13, 2011



      It is indeed astonishing to see George Monbiot acknowledge that the claims made by members of the anti-nuclear movement, including himself, over 4 decades, were untrue and "unsupportable".

I have long been concerned at leaders of the "environmental" movement refusing to acknowledge that the most glaring errors or untruths could be in any way wrong. We see no apologies for decades of false anti-nuclear scare stories; almost annual predictions of peak oil having been reached over the last 40 years; 200ft, or 20ft sea level rises; massive starvation in the 1980s unless we drastically reduce population; a new ice age by the year 2000 etc. etc.

He is therefore to be commended. Despite some chagrin on my part that he has merely said something which we supporters of human progress have been saying for decades it has taken courage. Whatever the short term profit in false scare stories no long term human achievement can be built on them. We may be seeing the "environmental" movement start to grow up, or maybe just George.


    Somebody I respect suggested I write that letter to the Guardian on his volte face and I went to some lengths to be nice about him. Alas the Guardian not being the even minded free speech loving liberal newspaper it pretends to be did not allow even such supportive criticism to be made. I suspect they must have had many other letters on Mr Monbiot's Damascene conversion but you wouldn't know it from what they publish.

   On the other hand I made no attempt to be ameliorative when I sent this to Jerry Pournelle
The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all
George Monbiot
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New article from Moonbat completing his volte face on nuclear. I would still like to hear him say when he first heard that the radiation at TMI was far to low to hurt anybody, as he admitted in the last article, and if he intends to apologise to the nuclear industry, who have been saying that for 32 years and of whom in his last article he said "I still hate the liars".

Rats and sinking ships and that is why this is a very good thing.

Neil Craig
  Maybe I should stop being so nice about the eco-Nazis. They clearly don't respond to it. Note that in Moonbat's previous article on his turn he tempered by saying "I still loathe the liars who run the nuclear industry" - that being the "liars" who said the Three Mile Island radiation release was minor when George was playing it up as another lying scare story. Well Obviously Moonbat owes the entire nuclear industry a public apology. Also anybody in the eco-Nazi movement who doesn't feel drawn to criticise Moonbat for his anti-nuclear lying cannot object when anybody truthfully refers to the entire Green movement as disgusting obscene, lying, thieving, murdering Nazi parasites without the remotest trace of human decency, every one of whom deserve to be strung up from lampposts or kicked to death down back lanes. While that may be somewhat uncharitable I hope nobody can accuse it of being as non-factual, undeserved or insulting as Moonbat's continuing lies, even after he has moderated his position.. P'm hust to nice about them.

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Feeling better are you.:)

Excessive radioactive cesium found in fish caught off Fukushima no known humans hurt yet.
"He [Monbiot] is therefore to be commended"

One swollow doesn't make a summer.
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