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Saturday, March 12, 2011


  At the time of writing the explosion at a reactor site following the earthquake, is the lead item on Google news. The actual earthquake would be in 4th spot if that item were about the quake rather than a joint one about the quake and the reactor.
An explosion at an earthquake-damaged nuclear plant was not caused by damage to the nuclear reactor but by a pumping system that failed as crews tried to bring the reactor's temperature down, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Saturday.

The next step for workers at the Fukushima Daiichi plant will be to flood the reactor containment structure with sea water to bring the reactor's temperature down to safe levels, he said. The effort is expected to take two days.

Radiation levels have fallen since the explosion and there is no immediate danger,
  This fits the video which shows a significant explosion comparable to a bomb but nothing remotely like the Bomb.If this leads to a release of radiation it will be interesting to see how it compares with natural background.

     I am willing to take a small bet from anybody on the Luddite side that when radiation levels are measured in a couple of days nowhere outside the site will have a radiation level 1/5th of the natural level in Kerala, India over millions of years. Were I a natural gambler I would give very good odds on that. We will see if there are any takers.

      I am also willing to bet that the MSM  long term news coverage of this "disaster" will at least match that of the earthquake itself, as indeed it does here in this report which also mentions the earthquake death toll as 1,600 and rising. 

    I placed this comment on Tim Worstall before I had seen the cabinet statement:
Chernobyl killed 56

The eco-fascists made various predictions up to 500,000 from low level radiation (the LNT theory) but absolutely none of this has been detected, quite the opposite as fits the hormesis theory.

The cause was the abysmal lack of concern for safety in the USSR. At around the same time a train accident killed 500.

That was not nuclear and so not worth even a footnote in the media.

Expect to see deaths from this, if any, less than in a car crash but for the media to treat it as more newsworthy than the actual earthquake.
        I now think I was being overly worried and that the death toll, or indeed serious injury toll from this "catastrophe" will not match that of a serious car crash and will, in fact, be zero. Thus every remotely honest journalist or "environmentalist" will instantly acknowledge
that it is no catastrophe or indeed out of line, at least in a higher direction, than the average run of damage from the quake.. Has anybody ever met a remotely honest journalist or eco-fascist?

         The real lesson of this, as with most other natural events, is that the best route to safety is through technological progress and wealth creation. Compare the probable death toll here of about 2,000 with the 242,000 in the Tangshan earthquake of 1976. It was a magnitude 7.8, less that 1/10 the 8.9 o=f this (the Richter scale goes up 10 fold for each level). The difference is that then China was dirt poor whereas modern Japan isn't. If the eco-fascists (or MSM or politicians) care at all about human life they will strongly make this point - I don't think they do but would be glad to be proven wrong.

UPDATE Via EU referendum is a sensible article explaining "There was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity.

By “significant” I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on – say – a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation.

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What a complacent world you live in that 160 people have been contaminated with radiation, 10s of thousands are missing or presumed dead. Sea water is an emergency solution to the cooling failure and is not being desalinated to avoid corrosion to the containment vessel. Another plant has serious cooling problems after another explosion.
Nothing to see here as EDF will come to the rescue!
I accept your "10s of thousands missing presumed dead" from the reactor accidentrepresents the very highest standard of accuracy "environmentalists" ever aspire to. I ask you to either prove it or accept it is a total and deliberate lie.

The "160 contasminated" would only be meaningful if this "contamination" had vdamaged them. I note that you do not take on my bet about the radiation level being far less than is profduced naturally. I assume that is because you know you would lose.

One might, with equal accuracy, say that "1 million children in Scotland have been contaminated vy air that has passed through a wind turbine" since atoms of such air must be in every breath. Perhaps yopu could point me to some eco-fascist post, your own or anybody else's, which has made that accusation. Thereby proving that while eco-fascists worldwide, remain fools, at least one of them is not a lying hypocrit.

Or not as the case may be.
I presume you will now put up a public apology to your readers which you kept demanding from the papers!

Japan earthquake: live

11.38 John Harris, a nuclear expert, has been explaining the current nuclear threat on Sky News, after three blasts which he said were likely to have been hydrogen explosions:

Quote It seems to me to be getting more serious as days go by. The hydrogen can only have come from one place and that is from water in the core coming into contact with overheated fuel.

The fact that we have now had three hydrogen explosions tells me almost certainly that the reactor cores must be quite badly damaged.

My guess is that it could well have distorted to the point of meltdown, where some of the core would melt and start to drip down into the bottom of the reactor. And that is serious.

I not CH that you do not dispute that nobody, repeat nobody, has been killed or e3ven injured by this "catastrophe".

In which case every single eco-fascist, including yourself, who is remotely honest & who has implied that this "catastrophe" is, in human terms, more dangerous than a car crash, or 1/25,000th as terminal as the freezing to death of 25,000 pensioners each year by the eco-fascist movement will immiodiately apologise.

Do you, or anybody know of any person in the Green or any other oarty who opposes nuclezar who is not a wholly corrupt, lying, thieving fascist scaremonger?

I await your answer.
What a despicable sad person you are when the radiation doesn't kill one outright but succumbs them to a slow painful death justifies your bizarre love of this failed technology.
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