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Friday, March 25, 2011


  I said yesterday that the Herald had not published a letter from me replying to Elizabeth Marshall's criticism of my previous one. I then sent off a shortened version of it which they have published today. Fair enough. This also answers a very silly article there by Iain MacWhirter yesterday in which, while semi-acknowledging Moonbat's announcement that it is safe, claimed that nuclear is far more expensive than renewables!! Where do they get these idiots?
Among a number of things that just ain’t so in Elizabeth Marshall’s letter (March 21) criticising my support of nuclear power is that nuclear costs “at least 20 times the cost of gas fired power”.

Nothing in the way of evidence is given for this. Figures from the Royal Academy of Engineering show nuclear significantly cheaper and the fact that French electricity costs one-quarter of ours suggests it is not more expensive.

I have publicly said that I believe a nuclear economy can be run at one-tenth of the present price of electricity and have had no fact -based dispute.

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