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Saturday, February 19, 2011


  Sir John Beddington the Government official Chief Science Advisor (£165,000 a year plus other jobs simply for supporting eco-fascism) has said the government should be "grossly intolerant" of dissent over the catastrophic warming scam and of anybody saying the the failure of the government claim of snow becoming  such a rare event children won't know what it is by now should not be taken as any way of disputing the alleged "scientific consensus".

     Well perhaps Sir £165,000 is sufficiently honest to also have been on record to say that those who claimed flooding or drought as evidence of warming should equally be treated with gross intolerance.


   So perhaps Sir £165,000 being at least marginally honest, has now publicly denounced the state broadcaster for pushing that same flood allegation, with no actual evidence, yet again.

   Nope well perhaps Sir lying thieving parasite actually believes his nonsense about a scientific consensus. In which case he will certainly be able to name some members of this "consensus" who aren't paid, like him, to push it. Well I emailed him and

    Nope. He cannot name a single independent member of his alleged consensus. Not one.

    So perhaps Sir lying thieving fascist parasite isn't actually a complete Nazi and balances his criticism with equal criticism of eco-Nazis who want to murder children for thinking for themselves or the BBC who ban anybody who speaks freely or the obscene eco-Nazi scum who make make obviously unfounded accusations of paedophilia because they know they have no factual case.

    Nope not that either, lying, thieving, Nazi parasite that he is. However I will ask him again to name any actual unpaid members of his "consensus" knowing that not only can no consensus exist if nobody from the majority group of its alleged members exists but that it is statistically impossible that only those paid by government support it without it being a government funded conspiracy.
  Incidentally, on a rather smaller scale may I introduce Adrian Windisch. Green Party candidate for  Reading West who used to post on various websites claiming to be an engineer, while ignorant of engineering & on his blog published the answer to a perfectly sensible question from me that I regularly had intercourse with goats. He declined to apologise.

    Worse than that his party leader Caroline Lucas & all her party leadership resolutely refused to accept that such lies should not be told. Even the leaders of the Scottish part, Parick Harvie & Robin Harper, (statistically improbable but true that they are both homosexuals whose previous jobs have been as government paid lookers after children) declined to dissociate themselves from that lie. Lets see if Sir John Lying Thieving Nazi Parasite is willing to dissociate himself from such intolerance. Lets see if there is a single member of the Green movement who possesses the remotest trace of the honesty or decency their leaders, probably, don't.

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