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Monday, January 24, 2011


I confirm that Monday Jan 24 the Bologna University Report will be published on the Journal Of Nuclear Physics. I repeat that everybody will be allowed to use it in every kind of publication, online, paper, written, spoken, without need of any permission. It will be not put on it the copyright.

The test run on January 14 lasted for 1 hour. After the first 30 minutes the outlet flow became dry steam. The outlet temperature reached 101°C. The enthalpy during the last 30 minutes can be computed very simply, based on the heat capacity of water (4.2 kJ/kgK) and heat of vaporization of water (2260 kJ/kg):

Mass of water 8.8 kg

Temperature change 87°C

Energy to bring water to 100°C: 87°C*4.2*8.8 kg = 3,216 kJ

Energy to vaporize 8.8 kg of water: 2260*8.8 = 19,888 kJ

Total: 23,107 kJ

Duration 30 minutes = 1800 seconds

Power 12,837 W, minus auxiliary power ~12 kW

There were two potential ways in which input power might have been measured incorrectly: heater power, and the hydrogen, which might have burned if air had been present in the cell.

The heater power was measured at 400 W. It could not have been much higher that this, because it is plugged into an ordinary wall socket, which cannot supply 12 kW. Even if a wall socket could supply 12 kW, the heater electric wire would burn.

During the test runs less than 0.1 g of hydrogen was consumed. 0.1 g of hydrogen is 0.1 mole, which makes 0.05 mole of water. The heat of formation of water is 286 kJ/mole, so if the hydrogen had been burned it would have produced less than 14.3 kJ.

What should we make of all this? In a skeptical group like this, some healthy skepticism is warranted. On the other hand, the energy release is impressive and very hard to explain chemically or as physical storage in a crystal lattice. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

(From WattsUpWithThat)

OK "cold fusion has not been well proven so far, on the other hand there have long been results showing substantial heat production which conflict with the Law of Conservation of Energy (& anybody doubting that is going a lot further out on a limb that any CF proponents). Nonetheless the field has been rubbished, ensuring that research funds are not available & anybody looking at it need not apply for other jobs.
When CF was first announced it appeared to offer unlimited non-polluting energy - something which the Luddite movement has said they wanted up till then. Their reaction was horror If you ask me, it’d be a little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy because of what we would do with it. We ought to be looking for energy sources that are adequate for our needs, but that won’t give us the excesses of concentrated energy with which we could do mischief to the earth or to each other.

—Amory Lovins in The Mother Earth–Plowboy Interview, Nov/Dec 1977, p.22

The only real good technology is no technology at all. Technology is taxation without representation, imposed by our elitist species (man) upon the rest of the natural world.

“like giving a machine gun to an idiot child” (green leader, Paul Ehrlich), that “It’s the worst thing that could happen to our planet” (Eco-writer Jeremy Rifkin).
John Shuttleworth
It seems undeniable that these scientists have produced something giving of 12.4 kw of power from an input of 0.4kw (& indeed done so on video).  If that turns out to be the case it will mean that the eco-nazis have held back human progress for over 20 years.

I find Ehrlich's remarks particularly revealing - despite having been entirely wrong in every doomladen prediction for over 40 years (but still receiving large amounts of money from numerous foundations for doing so) it is quite clear that he regards us common people as the "idiot children" to be kept under control by bogey men invented by government funded "adults" like himself.

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