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Monday, October 04, 2010


Lets look at the "Partners" page from the site of 10:10 the eco-Nazi organisation who spend presumably over £100,000 on their child snuff movie:

Eaga is the UK's largest supplier of heating and renewable energy and is at the forefront of the low-carbon economy
To whom the government forces us to pay through the "Renewables Obligation" for their 10 times overpriced product

O2 is the UK's leading provider of mobile phones, broadband and SIMs. O2 is partnering with 10:10 as part of its Think Big initiative and will be selling 10:10 Tags in its shops across the UK
Won't be buying their mobile phones.

Sony is one of the world’s leading digital entertainment brands, with household names such as VAIO™, Cyber-Shot™, BRAVIA™ and Walkman®. Sony is sponsoring 10:10 to support its staff’s efforts to go even further on carbon reduction

The Ashden TrustAshden Trust website
Sainsburys supermarket

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Wates Foundation

The GD Charitable Trust

Jam Today

The Funding Network "A loose affiliation of individuals"?

Media partners

The Guardian
A fascist newspaper with a record of lying to assist Nazis in genocide & worse. Largely funded by getting almost all its advertising from government.

National Magazine Company Owners of Cosmopolitan & many many other similar titles.

Delivery partners
ActionAidLeading over 1,000 schools on the way to 10%
Presumably the government's education budget is funding this programme by these would be child murderers in propagandising in schools.

Campaign for greener healthcare
Indefatigable decarbonisers of care, and coordinators of the 10:10 Health programme

a conglomeration of government funded fakecharities

Carbon Trust
The last word in organisational carbon reduction

government funded fakecharity

Degrees Cooler
Supporting 10:10 universities and colleges

Defra logo so government funded fakecharity

Energy Saving Trust
Purveyors of peerless carbon-cutting advice for individuals and families

government funded fakecharity

The Great British Refurb
Helping you live in a low-energy home that's more comfortable, cheaper to run, and massively reduces your carbon emissions

umbrella organisation of government fakecharities (or of umbrella organisation of fakecharities

Green TV
The broadband channel for environmental films

funding source, which cannot be small, unmentioned but "partners" include government funded fakecharities

Olswang LLP
Keeping us out of jail, free
"leading business law firm with a distinctive approach. Our pioneering and problem-solving ethos has established a commanding reputation in the technology, media and real estate sectors" sounds like politically connected eco-fascist ambulance chasers

People and Planet
Keeping 10:10 students ticking over

don't say where the money comes from but connected to schools & are advertising for staff but not donations so looks like government fakecharity

Public Interest Research Centre
Climate policy superheroes whose work inspired our 10% target and the Lighter Later campaign
Claims to be "independent" but says is partly funded by Social Services Trusts so government funded. Says they have been core funded for many years by the "1970 Trust" which nobody on Google has ever heard of

The email marketing geniuses powering our supporter mailouts

they list 10:10 as ordinary clients which implies they are charging them the going rate

I assume the Wates & Fairbairn Trusts are connected to the building companies of the same names. Since 3/4 of housing costs are government regulatory they must be more than slightly open to government intimidation.

All in all it looks like these Nazi would be child murderers are overwhelmingly funded by government or organisations getting their money from government subsidy/regulatory fiat. I womder if the "Green" Luddite movement would be if it were not being cultivated by government - my guess is that instead of getting 1/2 as many votes as the BNP it would be lucky to get 1/20th

pictures nobody, anywhere in the world according to Google, has put up any stills from this video

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