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Saturday, October 02, 2010


A British "environmental" group 10:10 have hired Richar Curtis (Blackadder etc) to produce an "amusing" video promoting global warming alarmism. They peove the strength of the alarmists case by blowing up schoolchildren, in extremely graphic detail. No really.

See it here

Some alarmists are now attempting to dissociate themselves from this obscenity. Not enthusiastically & thus not entirely successfully as the wording & more importantly comments here show. The comments matter not because they are a randomly selected example of honest opinions on this but because they aren't. I put this comment up & it was censored
Any global warming alarmist who ever in future wishes to be treated as a decent human being is going to have to be able to show that they publicly denounced the obscene filth of 10:10.

My guess is that, since they are already members of a genocidal movement which has killed far more people than Hitler relatively few of them are going to balk at "amusing" ways of killing children.

The basic message, which the entire movement has, for years, demonstrated its approval of, is that reasoned discussion of alarmists claims must be prevented at all costs. The principle here, though more graphically displayed, is no different from Hansen's call for imprisonment for scepticism or Monbiot's for the murder of airline executives & I have not seen a single "environmentalist" denouncing them as the obscene filth they are.
So while a call for alarmists to seriously dissociate themselves from a video depicting child murder as the best way of convincing people not to question scare stories was ruled so outrageous that it must be censored remarks like "can the Center possibly hold? Not if there is continued denial of man-made global warming’s reality", "some of those involved in the commissioning of this film by Richard Curtis are climate change deniers who are attempting to make the cllimate change lobby look like a facist conspiracy…" No evidence for that last one except for the fact that they certainly do look like a fascist conspiracy.

Considering that the exploding children special effect was technically very well done I do not see that this video could have cost anything less than £100,000 which means this was not some unthought about aberration, even with heavy funding from O2, Sony & Eaga (UK's largest supplier of state subsidised "renewable" energy.

This has been going round the net. The dog that has failed to bark is the mainstream media as this Google search shows - important enough for the Las Vegas Review Journal but not the BBC. Does anybody doubt that if the BNP, or anybody ever associated with the BNP or anybody ever associated with anybody ever associated with the BNP had made a film of child murder that the BBC would have made it headline news.

The BBC has long been a regular employer of "leftist" Richard Curtis, unlike David Bellamy whom they stopped employing after he supported quitting the EU & opposed windmills & warming alarmism. Curtis' behaviour in endorsing, however "amusingly", the murder of children as a method of preventing free thought on political matters reveals that he is, by any reasonable definition, a complete & total fascist. Of course there is nobody at the BBC who is not personally a fascist child rapist & mass murderer but it will be interesting to see if Curtis being so public about his predelictions will be any bar to future employment.

incidentally checking Google Images for 10:10 & no pressure reveals that no stills & indeed no mention of this film gave ever been shown worldwide - that or some censorship is going on

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Yes indeed, this is the left wish thinking. Murder a sample who disagree and cow the rest into submission. The formula of the totalitarian the world over.
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