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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


the 6,000-member Health Physics Society, the principal organization for radiation protection scientists, issued a position paper (1) stating: "Below 10 rad... risks of health effects are either too small to be observed or are nonexistent."

A similar position statement was issued by the American Nuclear Society. When the Health Physics Society Newsletter asked for submission of comments on validity of LNT, there were about 20 negative comments submitted and only a single comment supportive of LNT.

In a worldwide poll conducted by the principal on-line discussion group of radiation protection professionals (RADSAFE), the vote was 118 to 12 against LNT.

A 2001 Report by the French Academy of Medicine concluded that LNT is "without any scientific validity," and an elaborate joint study by the French Academy of Medicine and the French Academy of Sciences (2) strongly condemned the use of LNT.
Of course politicians, government regulators (eg SEPA), the BBC & suchlike wholly corrupt, thieving fascist parasites still maintain the no safe limit lie though not a single one of them is able to produce a single piece of evidence for it.

The same scum who say they believe in catastrophic warming because they have paid, with our money, for "scientific consensus" ignore any mention of the science here.

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