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Friday, September 24, 2010


I put this on Channel 4's "Snowblog". The intro is a reply to Mr Snow's contention that Earth's "inability to feed itself" is the big piece of world news & Britain's inability to build houses is Britain's. It was posted here. Perhaps it will be answered or perhaps mot:
Earth is perfectly able to feed itself & indeed is doing so. Britain is perfectly capable of providing a virtually unlimited amount of inexpensive modular housing, if the government were not preventing it. Neither is a real problem.

Another fake problem caused purely by government regulation is rising power costs. In that regard I was pleased to see you last night say that "we are going to have a discussion on wind power". Unfortunately the alleged discussion was no such thing but instead a three headed sales pitch. The discussers were a representative from the wind farm industry who, understandably, is enthusiastic about being given £240 billion from the taxpayer (£4,000 from every man woman & child) & one from the Renewable Energy Foundation whose enthusiasm was only faintly marred by his wish that other uneconomic sources of power not miss out on the bung.

A real discussion would have involved people of differing views. In particular the exclusion of anybody willing to point out that all this power & much more could be supplied at 1/4 of our current electricity costs without us having to fork over a single bung, with infinitely greater reliability & indeed far less carbon.

There must be some reason why C4 continuously censors any genuine discussion on this, & so many other issues. Perhaps there is another reason other than the obvious option of C4 News not being a genuine news organisation but simply a wholly corrupt, fascist, government controlled propaganda organisation employing nobody even attempting real journalism. Mr Snow if you feel there is another explanation please let me know because, for the life of me, I cannot imagine what it might be.

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