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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


James Delingpole recently did a post criticising a BBC interactive web page telling us all what dreadful effects any cuts in the 50%+ of the economy that is government spending would be.

I tried it out. To my disappointment, but not surprise, it had no option for showing us the ill effects of cutting subsidies for windmills & other Green subsidies, abolishing building "planning" regulations or getting rid of regulatory quangos. It did give the option of cutting the transport budget. According to the BBC the prime effect of cutting the transport budget by 23% would be that 210 miles of motorway annually would not be constructed.

So if the BBC are 100% truthful the prime achievement of the transport budget is that 700 miles of motorway gets built annually. If the BBC are 10% honest & only 90% a gang of corrupt, thieving fascist propagandists willing to tell any lie to promote government parasitism then we only built 70 miles of motorway last year.

If the BBC are as much as 1% honest only 99% corrupt, lying, thieving, fascist parasites we must have built 7 miles of motorway last year.

In fact
The very last motorway to receive public funding, the final section of the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road, opened to traffic in 2000. For the first time since the start of work on the Preston Bypass in 1956, there were no new motorways under construction in the UK.
So nobody in the BBC can claim to be within visual distance of merely being so wholly corrupt as to be a totally dishonest, lying, thieving, parasitic, propagandist for big government fascism.
Doesn't say much for Labour either that, with a transport budget which over 10 years must have totalled something like £220 billion (15% of annual GNP) they have managed to invest absolutely nothing in the country's main transport arteries. That money could, for example, if spent on nuclear power, have given us free electricity up to 4.5 times as much as the total we currently use.

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I took a look at it. Pravda would have blushed to put up such nonsense. nothing about how a reduced state would boost the economy and reduce reliance on the state ~ all 'cut this and children and puppies die' Let alone it ignores the possibility of saving on admin rather than soldiers

Nice to see you back by the way
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