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Friday, June 25, 2010


For anybody who thinks I am overstating when I call eco-nazis eco-nazis
the author of a damning study concluding that Spain’s “green jobs” energy program has been a catastrophic economic failure — was mailed a dismantled bomb on Tuesday by solar energy company Thermotechnic.

Says Calzada:

Before opening it, I called [Thermotechnic] to know what was inside … they answered, it was their answer to my energy pieces.

Dr. Calzada contacted a terrorism expert to handle the package. The expert first performed a scan of the package, then opened it in front of a journalist, Dr. Calzada, and a private security expert.

The terrorism consultant said he had seen this before:

This time you receive unconnected pieces. Next time it can explode in your hands.

Dr. Calzada added:

[The terrorism expert] told me that this was a warning.

On first thought it looks like the Greens working for Thermotechnic must be seriously retarded. I mean what sort of terrorist gives their address?

On second thought that may be the difference between free lance & government supported terrorists. The latter need not fear arrest. We shall see.

We will also see what MSM coverage it gets. If the boss of Ryanair had publicly threatened to hire a hitman to kill Air Ministry civil servants my guess is it would be news. Indeed I suspect there would be no hesitation in deciding "whose ass to kick". Companies other than Sicilian olive oil importers don't even imagine doing things like that. At the time of writing the dead tree media are saying "move along ...nothing to see" which suggests second thoughts may be right.

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