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Monday, June 07, 2010

Change Scotland - Going for economic growth can save the Tories

Think Scotland has published a slightly amended version of one of my articles on here about the future, or otherwise, of the Scottish Conservative party.
One of the most depressing things about the last Holyrood election was seeing the Tories refusing to offer income tax cutting, serious business tax cuts or new nuclear power and instead making their unique selling point more council houses and more money for drug addicts because this fits closely with what all the other parties consider the consensus.

That did not pick up votes from swing voters and actively discouraged their own vote from coming out.
I hope it will be thought about by anybody wishing to see an injection of sane & genuinely progressive thought into Holyrood.

More personally I hope for some comments there.

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I read the article and left a comment on it. I will see in the next day or so if my inoffensive comment makes it through the filter.
Thanks. That filter isn't Blogspot's.
I know. We will see if the comment makes it through.
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