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Sunday, May 30, 2010



Two very interesting things about this book.

Firstly the book itself which is clearly a very thoroughly researched & almost irrefutable amassing of evidence for the radiation hormesis effect rather than the government enforced "consensus" LNT, that low level radiation is harmful. Unfortunately this Google books link will only give you limited access for perfectly reasonable copyright reasons.

Secondly the fact that it is out of print. According to ABE this 1991 hardback is available at £206.25 (the Amazon price in dollars is higher). The laws of supply & demand would at least suggest that there is significant demand for it - enough to make a reprint, let alone a paperback, profitable. Perhaps publishers feel under some pressure not to. Perhaps this is only paranoia on my part & another explanation is available. If so I look forward to hearing it.

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The book is printed on demand, I see.
I think the problem is the cost to print a single copy of the book every time it is sold and handle a single copy of it.

I hope it will be available on Kindle in the future.
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