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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have just found that I have a large number of online comments which, for reasons I do not understand were shunted sideways rather than my being notified of them. I am publishing all those which are not adverts for visiting penis enlargement sites et al, over a few days & where a reply was due & it has not been made irrelevent by subsequent events I will reply.

My profound apologies to all those who wrote & didn't get it published. Your comments are indeed welcome.

Looking at the comments of mine that you have recently published, I am amazed at how impolite some of them are.
I was thinking the opposite - that I had missed an astonishing amount of intelligent &/or supportive remarks - not just from you but generally.

And not that many unsupportive, which I have generally published because they make their authors & their causes look unintelligent.

All told I am surprised how many did not cavil at having their comments not appear.
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