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Friday, April 23, 2010


150 tons or 300,000

In today's Scotsman. This is in response to the third letter in the group including mine published on Tuesday. The Scotsman have published it in full except that they changed the reference to the Guardian to "another newspaper".
A recent letter on the amount of CO2 saved/emitted as a result of the Iceland volcano said a previous writer was in error & claimed a net saving because grounding the aircraft had saved 340 tons of CO2 daily while the volcano had only emitted 150 tons daily (letter 20th April). This figure may have been obtained by misreading a Guardian article which said the volcano emitted 15,000 tons daily. The Guardian have since updated the figure in their article (though not the conclusions) in light of numerous online comments. The true figure is between 150,000 & 300,000 tons per day.

Holyrood has voted unanimously to destroy 42% of our CO2 producing electricity generating capacity (as well as 100% of nuclear) over the next 10 years. Since electricity closely correlates to GNP, this means destroying half our national wealth because "environmentalist" calculations purport to show that last year's barbecue summer & mild winter are harbingers of a warming even more catastrophic than such destruction.

I assume, from the fact that the Scottish media have been broadly supportive of this Climate Change Act that they have satisfied themselves that, at least over catastrophic global warming, the alarmist's arithmetic is entirely correct. If there were any doubt our leaders would have to be, unanimously, clinically insane to have legislated such destruction.

Refs - Letter making the 150 tons claim - note it was alongside a letter from me.
WattsUpWithThat on the Guardian article & the correct figure Since you published -------'s letter saying the previous writer was wrong I think you are honour bound to publish a letter (mine or another) or make an editorial statement reporting the correct figures. I have spared Mr -----'s embarrassment by not naming him - this is, after all, no more egregiously untrue than typical claims made by the Greens.

I forgot to put in the letter the amount of CO2 produced daily by all of Scotland for comparison - it is about 130,000 tons (UK fig of 600m annually X 8%/365).

This is not the first time I have said that the SNP, Labour, Conservative, LibDem & Green parties have proven themselves clinically insane (or wicked & deliberately feigning insanity to make themselves look better).

The 3rd online comment says
Excellent letter from Mr Craig. He is like a lone wolf howling in despair in the intellectual wilderness of our politics.
which, depressing though it is, I take as the highest compliment. I will return the favour by saying that I wish I had come up with El Franko's description of Prof Jones & co as the "motley CRU" which is apt & witty on several levels. Following the example of Oscar Wilde I may well do so.

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