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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hat tip to Mark Wadsworth who made a less extensive version of this poll some time ago.

What are the 3 biggest threats to western civilisation?
The Islamicists
Anti-racists and political correctness lobbies
Catastrophic warming or other environmental scare
Anti-technolgy Green Luddites
Big Government
China, India etc.
Mass immigration and differential population growth free polls

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I think it's grossly unfair to describe today's greens as "Luddites". The Luddites were skilled workers who opposed the introduction of new automated methods which replaced them with unskilled workers. Whatever their faults they were at least rational - an attribute that cannot be claimed by those who oppose human development on pseudo-religious or aesthetic grounds.
I take your point. I said this in a letter published by the Morning Star:

"The historical Luddites... were largely middle class workers seeing their skills replaced by machinery run by lower class ones which, understandably, they did not like. Pretty much the same applies today - look at the backgrounds of the Plane Stupid people, or Monbiot, let alone Goldsmith or Gore."

The historic ones were fighting to put food on the table. The modern ones are doing it only for status. Nonetheless the historic ones were wrong too. I know of no other descriptive term - certainly they care nothing for the real environment.
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