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Monday, October 26, 2009


This is his website. A lot better to read the words of the Czech President than the spin, cliche & lies of most of our own beloved leaders.

If only the other EU countries were run by people one half as civilised as Klaus (& if only there were more Czechs, a most competent & civilised people, in the EU than Germans) it would be a success that we would be proud to be part of.

On the Lisbon Treaty

the Lisbon Treaty constitutes a fundamental change for the Czech Republic. As you know, I have always considered this treaty a step in the wrong direction. It will deepen the problems EU is facing today, it will increase its democratic deficit, worsen the standing of our country and expose it to new risks - among other things also because it endangers the legal status of the citizens and the stability of property rights in our country.

An integral part of the Lisbon Treaty is the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. On its basis, the Luxembourg Court of Justice of the EU will assess whether the legal provisions, customs and practices of the EU member countries comply with those of the Charter. That will make it possible to bypass Czech courts and to raise property claims e.g. of those displaced after WW2 directly before the Court of Justice of the EU. The Charter makes it possible to reexamine even those decisions of the Czech courts that are legally binding.

On Catastrophic Global Warming

I keep saying that the real threat is not global warming itself. The real threat starts when politicians dare manipulate or play with the climate....

A month ago, I attended an international conference in Italy devoted to the same problem. To my surprise, both the moderator of this event and one of the panelists thought that what I suggest in my book is a trade off between climate on one hand and freedom on the other hand, that ā€“ according to me ā€“ we can have either one or the other. This is not what Iā€™m saying. I am asking what is more endangered due to our activities, the activities of mankind, now. And that is, no doubt, freedom. Climate is OK.

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What is the link between 'parasitic' and the delay? Where do you get your nuclear facts from? Difficult to assess how factual the facts are without knowing sources.
Kate I am not sure why you chose this particular thread to link to. There are many threads on here linking to nuclear which I am sure would tell you many things you didn't know. Here is the reply I have put to you on Iain Dale:

The best overall assessment I have seen comes from Professor John McCarthy of Stanford's FAQs

The Westinghouse costing 3 years to build comes from

obviously the extra time 7 cost can only come from government regulation which is why i call it parasitic.

I saw an FoE guy on C4 news last night saying nuclear was more expensive & we must take that as representing the very highest standard of honesty to which FoE & anybody in the eco-fascist movement who has not called them liars, ever under any circumstances aspire. On the other hand it is clearly a complete & total eco-fascist lie.
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