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Friday, October 02, 2009


This is a comment I put on Belmont Club

The selection of tree rings here simply cannot, on a statistical, basis, be random. Therefore we are not dealing with some possible honest accident but deliberate fraud. Deliberate fraud on which the whole catastrophic Global warming swindle is based. We also see at total refusal to mention this, indeed censorship of any comments that ask, on Realclimate & related sites. If there were any defence to this accusation realclimate should be shouting it now.

I think this is the death knell for CAGW.

It may also be the moment the blogsphere became the primary news source. This has been growing geometrically over the last few days online yet has been virtually non-existent in the dead tree press & TV. The UK's Guardian (a nominally liberal, certainly PC publication) has been deleting any comments put up on its online site. Unless disproved it is the story of the decade, since it is at least as important as all the CAGW stories over that time put together. That the MSM have allowed themselves, presumably out of fear, to be so thoroughly scooped by the blogsphere completely discredits them.

What its effects on politics will be I hesitate to guess - certainly all those politicians who have spent so long saying ", "debate is over", "scientific debate has now closed" " & "science is beyond dispute" & poured billions into "research" & advertising of this scam. The only thing that may keep them in power is that there are so many of them. The entire western world run by Vaclav Klaus, Senator Inhofe, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul & 1 minister in the Northern Irish government is stretching things thin.

Giving credit where it is due here, Via CCNet, are a couple of MSM reports on it:

Financial Post - by Ross McKitrick, McIntyre's co-worker on his first debunking & recommended to show how extensive the lying was.

National Post (Canada)

But online we have
The Register

Bishop Hill points out the Guardian online censorship of anybody mentioning this. I have experienced Guardian censorship before in support of our Nazi friends in former Yugoslavia & thus have a low opinion of this government funded Fakenewspaper but still find such wholesale censorship of anybody mentioning a very important news story shocking.

& I get a pleasant mention
Obviously nothing from the BBC or ITN

If this is the eclipse of the MSM by bloggers as a trustworthy news source it is not because the former has been eclipsed by technology but simply because the MSM (& the vast majority of politicians) have forfeited any trust.

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