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Friday, October 16, 2009


A 31-year-old man from the Northeast of England has been jailed for 18 months after admitting that he gave a 3-year-old girl a cigarette to smoke.
Graeme Conroy, from Ashington, a town 15 miles north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, admitted an offense of willfully ill-treating, neglecting or exposing a child in a manner likely to cause suffering or injury to health
Which phrases it in a somewhat more restrained way than Britain's media have.
Sentencing Conroy, Judge David Wood said: "This sort of conduct could be very damaging to a child's health and could have all sorts of effects upon her future health. You have completely disregarded her safety and endangered her."

Hold on here. Exactly how much damage can smoking 3 cigarettes once be proven to do. 40 a day for 40 years has a significant, though not more than that, chance of killing. Even then if you stop in time it has little effect. There is no proof whatsoever that 3 cigarettes & stopping at 3 will be "likely to cause suffering or injury to health". That is simply & totally a lie.

The reporting carefully, presumably for legal reasons, doesn't say what his relationship to the child is but assuming it is a parental one having him locked up for 18 months (perhaps time off for good behaviour though with the court's cavalier disregard for the law that is not assured) is certainly going to "damaging" to the child. Since the damage caused by the court is almost certain & that by 3 cigarettes nonexistent if the word of the law is to followed Judge David Wood & all the other health fascist parasites involved in this should be sent to jail for many times longer.

In fact what we are seeing is a deliberate campaign of both demonisation, or "denormalisation" as the PC brigade call it, of smoking & an equally deliberate attempt to stretch the law out of all recognition to ensure that government can arrest anybody on any trumped up charge.

I challenge anybody involved in the case to produce any evidence that the kid, who was clearly perfectly happy since she was asking for more, has suffered measurable "suffering or injury to health". I also challenge them to explain why they don't believe locking him up won't cause emotional harm to the girl. If they can't then perhaps we should hear why any prosecution witness who said it would hasn't committed perjury.

These photos comes from a Google search for kid smoking. Apparently this is not the first time in human history that a child has smoked. It is the first time somebody has been thus imprisoned for it & it has been achieved by a wilful corruption of the law.

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You must realize that smoking has become one of the scare tactics the government is using for control of the population. It has nothing to do with health or risk or anything else.

As a pipe smoker for over 50 years the only thing I have against cigarettes is the problem with the ash - at least with a pipe you only have to empty it at rather infrequent intervals.

I agree with you the judge and the do gooders are causing more problems with the sentence than they are 'fixing'.
you are stupid. You should be jailed for your lack of common sense.
People who allow or make thier kids make the decision whether or not to smoke should never be allowed to have kids. If you wanna smoke fine. but learn som godamn science. Do you live in a trailer park? Is your pipe glass.. Probably not but seriously you are a flipping moron.. Give kids cigarettes?!?! YOu offend anyone whos family members died of smoking..Get with it freak..
Thank you for putting the intellectual case. I take it you are an employee of ASH or member of the BMA.
Really? Goverment tries to scare you and control you with cigarrettes? Your paranoia is just sad.
See what cigarretes do to your lungs.
Try using a paper napkin as a filter, smoke a little bit thru it, and you will see what kind of stuff you are swallowing.
Did anybody deny that 40 years of smoking has a high chance of killing you (approx double the chance of NOT living in a radioactive area)? However a few seconds once is not the same as 20 a day for 40 years. Do the arithmetic.
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