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Saturday, August 22, 2009


From the Telegraph:

A group of chefs, sommeliers and chateaux has issued a call to action, urging the country to secure ambitious targets in the months ahead to limit global warming...

"As flagships of our common cultural heritage, elegant and refined, French wines are today in danger," 50 leading names from the world of French wine and food wrote in an open letter. "Marked by higher alcohol levels, over-sunned aromatic ranges and denser textures, our wines could lose their unique soul."

The signatories said that if global temperatures rose by more than two per cent before the end of the century, "our soil will not survive" and "wine will travel 1,000 kilometres beyond its traditional limits".

"We will have new wine-producing regions in zones where one doesn't normally cultivate vineyards like in Brittany and Normandy," said Jean-Pierre Chaban, a climatologist at France's National Institute for Scientific Research, in an accompanying online film. "It will spread to Great Britain. One can imagine vineyards in southern Sweden and Scotland."

Unfortunately temperatures are continuing to fall

Black line is CO2. Note how closely it correlates with temperature (red line)
However the Met office, having predicted warmer temperatures next year, winter & summer for a decade, including "barbecue weather" for just now are predicting this "Early indications are that winter temperatures are likely to be near or above average over much of Europe including the UK. For the UK, Winter 2009/10 is likely to be milder than last year."

Still at least all this warming hysteria produces an excuse to keep the common people in their place, while making a good profit:

School introduces compulsory £100 'eco-friendly' uniform

Oaklands Roman Catholic School in Waterlooville has introduced the uniform made from recycled bottles which can only be bought from the school or from the Schoolwear Shop in nearby Havant.


Regions grow wine because of culture not just climate. Northeast Ohio has several wineries, many of which seem to have Italian names, which seems to confirm my point.

In fact, I think part of the northeast Ohio wine country is located in Ashtabula county, which receives snow every year.

This is just more climate scaremongering.
It never ceases to amaze how the simple mention of global warming in a news story sets off a tsunami of rhetoric. It generally comes from a very vocal minority that would go to its grave swearing that the sum total of climate science is a liberal plot to enrich Al Gore. Alternately, we are told the Martian ice caps are melting, proof that solar radiation and sunspot cycles — and not greenhouse gases — are the cause of planetary warmups.
No actual factual points to make then Bhuvan. How unusual from an alarmist.
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