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Friday, July 31, 2009


These are related to yesterday's article. South Georgia

Wikipedia overview

Internet Encyclopedia of Science entry

History & possible rebirth

History by Ben Pearson
The book by George Dyson Freeman's more boringly named son.

Interview with a friend of Ted Taylor, manager of the project

Short article

Near Earth Orbit (NEO) asteroid discussion

Neat pictures

Overview with pictures

Nuclear pulse propulsion - Google search

Various ideas with diagrams

Peaceful nuclear explosions

London map with Tanguska blast site overlaid

For Americans - similar effect if it had landed on New York

Note that while the odds of such a meteor landing exactly on a major city are much longer than it landing in Tanguska the odds of a catastrophic ocean landing are relatively high - for example one near the mouth of the Thames could send a tidal wave, concentrated by the narrowing estuary into London while also covering Holland. If such has happened in recorded history it could not be told from a natural tsunami.


Large scale launch vehicles - J Friedlander

Underground cannon launch

Brian Wang's favourite launch systems

Radiation figures & pictures of 1960's experiments
Search for Orion articles on NBF

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Personally, instead of launching large spacecraft the way Brian Wang proposes, I would love to see a orbital drydock built for constructing large spacecraft. The parts needed could then be ferried up using existing rockets and assembled.

Sending the astronauts up separately would also eliminate the need to man-rate a freight rocket, saving some money.
One could send up 4,000 tons of components for an interplanetary ion rocket spaceship & assemble it in oprbit. If we also have lunar/asteroid metals for the hull etc that would get us a pretty impressive ship. This was one of my niggles about the new Star trek film - that they showed an Enterprise class ship being built on the ground.
I think the Star Trek series has always had the ship built on the ground.

On the 90s ST series the Enterprise was shown in spacedock undergoing repairs.
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