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Saturday, July 11, 2009


The Guardian have been promoting a series of stories about the News of the World engaging in very extensive tapping of the phones of celebrities (a significant criminal offence). Their reason for reporting this is that the editor, during much of this Andy Coulson is now the Conservative's chief spinmaster. It is simply inconceivable that all these journalists were doing this, spending a total of £1 million without him knowing & I believe his position is untenable & Cameron should cast him loose immediately.
The BBC has yet to receive a response from News International.

Mobile phones

The Guardian claims up to 3,000 high-profile figures were targeted including model Elle Macpherson, former deputy prime minister John Prescott and the publicist Max Clifford.

The News of the World editor at the time, Andy Coulson, said: "This story relates to an alleged payment made after I left the News of the World two and a half years ago. I have no knowledge whatsoever of any settlement with Gordon Taylor."

A lot of the stories in the paper were coming from information that was highly private

Mr Coulson, now the Conservative Party communications director, declined to comment further.

A spokeswoman for David Cameron said the Conservative leader was "very relaxed" about the story.

However the eagerness of the Guardian to launch a party political attack on the Conservatives has broken an unspoken conspiracy in that the entire media & indeed security services are engage in these criminal activities. Scotland Yard have said they don't want to open this up.

Since the Guardian have said the police & indeed MI5 knew all about this years ago but presumably found some advantage in not trying to enforce the criminal law it is hardly surprising that Scotland Yard are not enthusiastic about opening this can of worms.

Which is a very good reason why it should be opened.

As with MP's expenses we all know perfectly well this has been going on for years - remember they "never found out" who made the sqidgygate recording.

Some years ago I had a complaint to the PCC rejected over the Guardian saying that anybody who didn't support the Muslim leader in Bosnia should be attacked for "anti-Semitism" - the Guardian knew perfectly well the guy they were supporting was himself not only anti-Semitic but an unrepentent WW2 Nazi publicly committed to racial genocide.

Anyway, as a result I checked the paper fairly regularly & later found an article attacking a BBC journalist of Serbian extraction journalist for private emails of his. It was quite obvious that either the Guardian had hacked him or, as was hinted, MI5 had done so & provided them with it. Either way this was totally against the PCC's code & thus, naturally the PCC refused to investigate my complaint.

Certainly the NoTW have been behaving criminally. So have the Guardian & I'm sure a lot of other papers, with effective PCC support & indeed so have the police & MI5.


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