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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Part of a more extensive article all worth reading:


Given the above it came as no surprise when an article in the Birmingham Post in September this year, revealed that Ashdown had worked for M16, part of the British Intelligence Service.

Moreover it was revealing to study the recently published list of M16 agents, which appeared on the cryptome website, who were active in the Balkans during the 1990s and in some instances then moved on to work in The Hague. This would obviously suggest that there is a link between M16 and the ICTY, an association that many people have long suspected, and a link, it appears, that covers all levels of ICTY employees.

In his book 'Web of Deceit' author Mark Curtis exposed the unsavoury history that MI6 have in regard to the 'assassination' of Slobodan Milosevic. Assassination options put forward by MI6 included; an SAS bomb or sniper ambush, a road crash using strobe lighting, and in 1999, the use of Nato aircraft to target him during the bombing campaign. (Interestingly Curtis also exposes the links between MI6 and 'Osama bin Laden's supporters').

As to the question of what control, if any, do British intelligence have over the ICTY, it is worthwhile to consider the following:
The ICTY is supposedly an international court that was established by the United Nations Security Council, however since this body has no legal authority to establish such a court it is in fact illegal. Moreover there are 191 Member States represented at the United Nations, yet the key personnel at the ICTY are exclusively British. The leading judge is British, the lead prosecution is British, the defence counsel imposed on Mr Milosevic against his will is British and the bulk of the 1300 staff working at the 'tribunal' are either British or
Furthermore, when judge Richard May passed away, unlamented, he was replaced by yet another British judge, Bonomy, who we presume is trying desperately to avoid the same fate as his predecessor. Are we to assume therefore that there is no competent judiciary in the remaining 190 countries, or is it more the case of the necessity for political control of this 'tribunal'?

Apart from the fact that Britain was one of the main aggressor nations against Yugoslavia and therefore has a vested interest in the outcome of the 'trial', the overwhelming exclusion of other nationalities from these positions can do nothing but confirm the allegations that this is a tightly controlled and illegitimate tribunal, and a politically motivated court that cannot risk the presence of even one objective voice.

When he appeared at The Hague in March 2002, Ashdown made the claim that the British Army would never engage in actions which targeted the civilian population, yet if we examine the kind of activities engaged in by the UKs Special Forces, the SAS and the SBS of which Ashdown was a commander, we come across a world of assassinations, provocation, double agents, murder and bombings. (See for instance and the investigative articles by Michael Keefer and the book 'Web of Deceit' by Mark Curtis).

Countering Ashdown's assertion Mr Milosevic, in an attempt to expose Ashdown, highlighted the 'extraordinary level of activity' that Ashdown, a leader of a small opposition party in Britain, was engaged in. He further tried to raise the question about the events in Northern Ireland and particularly Bloody Sunday but was cut off by the judges and told he could not follow that line of questioning because it was 'too political'

Since that article was written in 2005 we have had the Diana inquest in which it was admitted that there had been an MI6 plot to kill a "senior Serbian politician", almost certainly Milosevic but perhaps also Karadzic. About this we know:
Some of the SIS officers' identities can be deduced from Richard
Tomlinson's letter to his solicitor, available here:!milosev.htm,

in which he writes that:

"The minute was approximately 2 pages long, and had a yellow minute card attached to it which signified that it was an accountable document rather than a draft proposal. It was entitled "The need to assassinate President Milosevic of Serbia". In the distribution list in the margin were P4 (Head of Balkan operations, then Maurice Kendwrick-Piercey), SBO1/T (Security officer responsible for eastern European operations, then John Ridd), C/CEE (Controller of east European operations, then Richard Fletcher or possibly Andrew Fulton), MODA/SO (The SAS liaison officer attached to MI6, then Major Glynne Evans), and H/SECT (the private secretary to Sir Colin McColl, then Alan Petty)."
all of whom are therefore implicated in a criminal conspiracy to murder Milosevic. Tomlinson's full letter is here (sect 3 being crucial) & as he says the similarity between the intended murder of Milosevic by using a strobe light to make his car crash in a tunnel & the death of Diana ia remarkable.

Milosevic was poisoned & blood tests on January 12 2006 revealed the presence of the Leprosy drug 'Rifampicine' in Milosevic's blood, this being a particularly sophisticated drug which destroys heart muscle but would, without the blood sample, have disappeared by the time he died of a heart attack, as he duly did. None of this is disputed though obviously it is ignored by our media. This is a very sophisticated form of poisoning designed to look like natural death & so must have been committed person or persons with very sophisticated knowledge of murder, a strong incentive to make it look natural & the knowledge that the judges weren't going to allow him to receive medical treatment in Russia where it would have likely been spotted. Since the murder was committed by poisoning him over a period of time they must have had access to his food, in the prison, over a long period. That limits it to his ICTY jailers & in particular to secret service agents among them.

American law specifically makes it illegal to assassinate national leaders & while I am sure that if necessary they would no more be restrained by the law than Clinton was by the War Powers Act which prevents making war as Clinton did against Yugoslavia there is a way apparently used to circumvent the restriction. The British & American secret services are in fact siamese twins so closely linked to be effectively 1 organisation, however wearing their British hat they can do things which are illegal under US law & vice versa. The case of British intelligence planning the missile attack on Milosevic's home during the NATO bombing is a case in point.

Though the CIA has a long track record of assassinations, its claws were drawn by successive US administrations with their fear of damaging publicity and international anger, ending with a legal ban on such action which has only recently been lifted. Britain on the other hand has no such legal complications as long as the killing takes place on foreign soil. Under the Intelligence Services Act of 1994, MI6 officers have immunity from prosecution for crimes committed outside Great Britain. Although The Criminal Justice Bill of 1998 makes it illegal for any organization in Great Britain to conspire to commit offenses abroad, Crown agents still have immunity. With the end of World War II the SOE's (Special Operations Executive) undoubted ability in both subversion and assassination was absorbed into the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), and for many years afterwards Britain is believed to have made regular, if sparing use of assassination to further its foreign policy aims.

Of course such murders would have to be authorised by the Prime minister otherwise the organisation would wholly be moved out of British control.

I think it clearly proven, at least to the standards used to convict the "Real IRA" of the Enniskillen bombing, that Milosevic was murdered by British intelligence officers, serving in the ICTY, under the direct authorisation of Tony Blair. I am confident that if an actual genuine investigation of this murder were done this would be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

UPDATE Sept 09
Surfing I read this in an unrelated site "Britain does have agents with a "license to kill" and, more importantly, laws protecting these men and women from any later prosecution for dirty deeds they were asked to do for Queen and Country" (the article being about America not having this boon) - I don't know what laws that refers to but certainly it fits with MI6 officers in the ICTY, & not CIA ones, being licensed to murder Milosevic. Since Nuremburg decided "I was only obeying orders" was not a defence I assume protecting authorised murderers would, themselves be unlawful.

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