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Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is all ripped off from Devil's Kitchen & the full article about government using fakecharities to produce an appearance of public support for their next ban. The full thing is worth reading but I am going to just put up a few excerpts:
Mr Johnson boasted that the (cigarette) display ban was favoured by an "overwhelming majority" of 96,000 responses to a six-month public consultation on the subject.

Yet only a handful of those 96,000 respondents came from individuals submitting their personal views. Almost 70,000 came from those collected by pressure groups entirely funded by the Department for Health.
While the Tobacco Retailers Alliance - a coalition of shopkeepers funded by the tobacco industry (yes I know, boo, hiss etc.) - is not even mentioned in the consultation document despite their having spent a year gathering together its response.
"We are not listed as one of the respondents although our response was submitted by email and also sent by post, so we can be certain it was received. For some reason the views of 25,000 shopkeepers just seem to have been air-brushed out of the consultation report."

On greater control over pubs
The consultation attracted 2,336 responses. Almost 2,000 of these came either from a survey by Alcohol Concern, a charity which last year was given almost £400,000 by the Department for Health and raised nothing through fundraising, or postcards distributed by the Department itself, which posed the question:

"Fed up with alcohol problems where you live?"

Wonder if they would be willing to pay me to distribute postcards ashing "Fed up with useless bans introduced by the parasites in Westminster & Holyrood so they can provide the illusion of activity to justify taking most of the countries wealth into their paws"? Perhaps not but the entire article is worth reading because if enough people know how blatantly we are being lied to by these fascist organleggers it will be much more difficult for them to do it.

And we all know the BBC, state broadcaster to these genocidal fascist war criminals, will report these frauds in whatever way the government wants.

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