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Friday, May 08, 2009


Again Lesley's weekly radio show was on today - this time about the former "arc of prosperity" - Norway, Iceland & Ireland, which the SNP say we would join if we became independent, but which, aren't now so prosperous - unlike, well unlike some country not like us. I sent in an email
Ireland having gone up to 140% of our income is now, in its state of economic collapse, still 1/3rd better off than us.

As regards the Norwegian perhaps you could ask him how Norway has managed to cut more than 700km of tunnels at about £7 million per km when the Scottish government insisted a tunnel under the Forth would cost £4,673 million.
which was read out. There was a bit of quibbling over whether they were still quite as much better off than us but the basic principle was accepted. The question about the tunnel cost was left hanging in the air since the Norwegian obviously couldn't explain why their costs are impossibly low, because they aren't, & nobody from the Scottish government was there to explain why their's are impossibly high.

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