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Thursday, May 07, 2009


The names of some of the people barred from entering the UK for fostering extremism or hatred have been published for the first time. - BBC

Which is an interesting way of phrasing it. Indeed it is not anything like a full list - for example the best known recent banning was that of Dutch politician Geert Wilders for publishing some of the more nasty bits of the Koran. What the government have done is selected a few names whose banning they think will be good publicity & show the government's values. It is pure spin designed to reinforce xenophobia. Since the 2 Russians named are in prison & likely to stay there for many years & Michael Savage hasn't been here for 25 years & had no immediate plans to come here. Saying they will be turned away at customs clearly serves no practical purpose.

Perhaps Jacqui will also be sending out a press release saying how Count Dracula, Attila the Hun & the Daleks are also warned they not be allowed through Heathrow customs. It would be about as useful.

However the particular case of Michael Savage deserves inspection & not just because he looks likely to get significant damages from this nonsense. The government have said

"Therefore we will not hesitate to name and shame those who foster extremist views as we want them to know that they are not welcome here."

The Home Office also seems to have made some suggestion that he has advocated violence but he denies it & they have not even had the decency to give time & place for this. Of course, Jacqui Smith herself has not merely advocated but participated in violence, genocide, child rape & organlegging & the British government has been wholly supportive of visits by Americans such as William Clinton who are equally genocidal so it certainly can't be any matter of principle.

Looking at his website it is full of news stories which tend towards libertarianism (against banning books, interested in whether pot should be legalised, against phone tapping & the abuses of "homeland security", for Oklahoma's use of the 10th amendment to overrule Federal law[a potentially bery important story barely covered elsewhere]) a disapproval of Obama, support of the right to bear arms, disapproval of Muslim jihadists having training camps in the USA etc.

And several articles about being banned by the UK government.

And several against the global warming scam.

In general he looks like a very American & less pompous/opinionated/intellectual (delete to taste) version of Peter Hitchens. If our genocidal Home Secretary believes it is proper to prevent such people speaking here then she & her party are indeed fascist. I hope his defamation suit gives her a bloody nose.

Incidentally it is worth pointing out that US global warming alarmist James Hansen who has called for imprisoning people for disputing his proven lies about catastrophic warming & massive sea level rise was allowed to come to this country to tell a court that he advocated the suspension of the rule of law to allow people to engage in violence to promote warming alarmism & cause blackouts. Clearly nothing to do with being worried about violence then & everything to do with suppressing inconvenient facts.

Same reason Marion Wayne did. Your point being?
WTF is Marion Wayne?
Actually Marion Robert Morrison = John Wayne
Michael Savage is one of the few American radio talk show hosts who had the guts to tell the truth about Clinton, Albright and the Albanian Nazi KLA genocidal killers and ethnic cleansers of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies in Kosovo and Albania.

He also blasted the US news media for covering up this horrific genocide.

God bless him.
I hadn't realised that only having read him since Jacqui smith went bonkers. It is gratifying when I find somebody I think sensible on one subject is sensible on another completely unrelated one. It is also interesting that the most consistent support for the Yugoslavs has come from libertarians & particularly American libertarians. Since Milosevic was a socialist it contradicts the nornal media line that libertarians are "right wing" & that they, pretty well alone, are willing to stand for the classic liberal values (I know "liberal" is a swear word in the US but that is only because the name has been dishonestly hijacked).
Yes it would appear rather ironic wouldn't it, but of course it really isn't.

True, the word "liberal" is pretty much a swear word here in America, but for all the wrong reasons.

Instead of focusing on highly misleading partisan political labels of "left vs right", "socialist vs capitalist" and "conservative vs liberal", I prefer to delve deeper into matters such as Western sponsorship of a Nazi style genocide taking place right in the middle of Europe at the close of the 20th Century and continuing on into the 21st Century.

I too have found that, more often than not, people who don't subscribe to the anthropomorphic "Global Warming"/"Climate Change" scam are the very same people who have far more integrity and honesty when it comes to opposing the (Croatian Ustasha/Albanian KLA/Izetbegovic SDA Bosnian muslim) Nazi genocide perpetrated against the Serbs, Jews, Gorani and Gypsies:

a horrific Nazi genocide which has been covered up and supported by our Western politicians and news media for the last 19 years.

Michael Savage has discussed this on numerous occasions over the last 10 years.

See these videos on YouTube here for example:

Listen to Michael say the following - "Shut up you Nazi!" - to an Albanian Nazi KLA supporter (No the guy calling in is not a CNN, BBC or ITN reporter)

also, in the first video, listen to Michael call our Western leaders - who enabled these Albanian Nazi KLA killers to perpetrate this horrific genocide against the Serbs, Jews, Gorani and Gypsies:


God bless Michael Savage and God bless you, Neil Craig.
I've found that too - I think the common link is that most people choose as default position to believe what government says (I sometimes do myself) & that many, through either physical or moral cowardice will not under any circumstances let facts change them, though I also find that when the general fashion has changed (eg illegal war afainst Yugoslavia was fashionable but against Iraq unfashionable) they are suddenly on the other side.

I have doubts about God but I'll take any support going.
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