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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Joe Biden has been accused on various pro-Serb blogs of making openly racist remarks worthy of the late Adolf Hitler. Neil Clark got a bit of stick from anti-Serbs for mentioning this without having an indisputable link & got some useful comments.

I am confident that Joe Biden did indeed say:
"all Serbs should be put in Nazi-style concentration camps"
"Serbs are illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers and rapists"

I don't think anybody can seriously deny that the sort of obscene scum who said that is an out & out Nazi unfit to hold any office whatsoever in the government of any nation with any pretensions to decency, or to serve under any President who is not himself either a racist Nazi or a corrupt whore.

The backing for this statement came from Andrej who said:
Biden said these comments on CNN on 01.08.1993., 2 days later he had very similar speech in US SENATE, and on 15.o5.1993. he had a rant against "Serbian fascist" on National public radio Washington...Here is the link for Croatian news site, where they have listed his "outbursts":
Having checked the Croatian link & having it automatically translated it says, in English which doesn't quite reach the definition of broken, that he said "Serbs are illiterate, degenerici, assailants, baby murderers, cutthroat and aggressors," said August 1993 .... in his speech at the U.S. Senate, Biden said: "Extreme ... zvjerstava Serbian rape of Bosnia and furious Serbian fascism behind him ... Serbian barbarism." "Do not face the barbaric war, but with a vulgar act of loud Serbian ekspanzionizma and aggression. Ovo je fašističko razbojništvo u maršu“, 15. This is a fascist march in the robbery " May 1993. [original article here] Whatever ones opinion of our Croatian (ex-)Nazi friends they cannot be accused of being willing to lie to help the Serbs so it is clear the Vice President did indeed say these things.

Regarding the video Deconstruct reports<
we’ve been trying to obtain a video tape of his Larry King interview — that was the longest, absolutely the worst insult I have personally heard and seen on the account of Serbian nation (apart from the feeling of physical sickness, I remember I was shocked by Larry King’s casual, matter-of-course attitude, as if he had just been told the sky is blue and all is well in the world; I honestly don’t know what I expected, but I know I never expected that, certainly not from a senator and a doyen of American journalism, on a supposedly respectful, supposedly most “professional” news station in the world). But neither the footage nor the transcript of Biden’s moment of glory is available anywhere. CNN has an archive from the 1999 aggression available, including some TV shows and specials that were broadcast at the time, but not this one. One can hardly find a diaspora Serb, especially in States who has not seen this Biden’s performance — we were all following CNN and BBC religiously at the time, since those two were the hubs of mass hysteria during bombardment.

Serbian political parties have the video footage (it was rebroadcast on RTS)...
Therefore CNN do have it & are censoring it, possibly for Larry King's benefit as much as Biden's. Nonetheless it clearly exists & equally clear that it is being deliberately censored, in a 1984 style by a corrupt MSM Yet again we see how easy it still is for the MSM to lie & censor to promote the most obscene crimes. The fact that the American & indeed world media could so completely & deliberately censor any mention of proof that Biden is a Nazi throughout the US election should worry anybody who wants to live in a democracy.
I have sent this to CNN
Dear CNN,

Can you please confirm whether there is any reason CNN might wish not to make available an interview with then Senator Joe Biden on 1st August 1993 on Larry King in which he expressed his support for the racial genocide of 10 million human beings in that "all Serbs should be put in Nazi-style concentration camps". If there is no objection in principle, considering Biden's present job, I think you would agree that his commitment to Nazism is a matter of legitimate public interest & an interesting news story.

& also suggest the Serbian democratic opposition try to put this on YouTube as well.

I will, of course, report any reply from CNN or information about it being put online.

CNN contact sites here & here for any American reader who may think they should be allowed to see what thais obscenity says.

UPDATE Cincerned Citizen from NJ has put this link in the Comments "All Serbs should be placed in Nazi style concentration Camps" It has pictures of the sort of "strong as an ox" sort of person Biden admires & worse of the sort of atrocities he approves of. Very "unhelpful" (even inconvenient) facts, by British media standards.

I had a rather yummy Serb girlfriend once and I can only imagine what she would make of Biden's words. Refresh my memory, wasn't he the one who cloned a Neil Kinnock speech?
In 1993 the worst excesses of Serbian ethnic cleansing, murder and rape had become clear. All that has never bothered you. Why should the World worry that Biden engaged in less than parliamentary language in describing the situation? Does it not also strike you as ironic that your own comments are even more inflammatory?
That was indeed how he blew his presidential campaign Stuart. I understand that was merely the latest in a long line of plaigerising political speeches & before that during his university exams. Not just scum but stupid scum.
No Norman it doesn't. That a Liberal Democrat party functionary can publicly defend advocating genocide on a scale greater than the Jewish Holocaust as merely "less than parliamentary" indicates, once again, how wholly corrupt & racist the entire party is.

You know perfectly well that the genuine "excessive" ethnic cleansing, murder & rape was being carried out by our ex-Nazi hirelings with the enthusiastic support of Nazi Ashdown & his armchair SS in the LibDem party. Or perhaps you have some genuine evidence (ie not a Grauniad editorial) otherwise?
"In 1993 the worst excesses of Serbian ethnic cleansing, murder and rape had become clear."In 1993 there was a vicious civil war raging between the Nazi Ustasha Croats under Tudjman and the Islamofascist Moslems under Izetbegovic - most notably around Mostar - which resulted in more deaths per capita than any of the other internecine conflicts between the three religious groups during the entire 3 year long war in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Norman you are either an ignoramus or a silly, dishonest twat. Perhaps both.
"Why should the World worry that Biden engaged in less than parliamentary language in describing the situation?"Well Norman perhaps because unlike Joe Biden, your former leader Paddy Ashdown, the Liberal Democrats and yourself, the rest of the civilized Western world thinks that putting 11 Million predominantly Christian human beings in "Nazi-style concentration camps" is rather Hitlerian ; or perhaps to put it more simply: unspeakably EVIL in its malicious intent.
Norman has been invited repeatedly to prodany evidence of Serb government atrocities, particularly in relation to the Milosevic "trial" & has clearly put a fair biy of eddort into finding some - without success. He cannot therefore get away with claiming, like all those WW2 Germans, to be ignorant.

I'm not denying that Bosniaks died, but do people ever check to see if these bodies are Serbs?
No they very actively refuse to & DNA science has advanced sufficiently since then that it is possible, with a fair degree of accuracy, to tell what ethnic community a body came from.

I am sure that if they were sure of their case the investigation would be done. If the BBC were not a cirrupt & racist organisation this would be reported.
VP Joe Biden said in 1999:

"All Serbs should be placed in Nazi style concentration Camps"

Norman, you have a lot of explaining to do.
Lately it appears there is a concerted campaign by Barack Hussein Obama's administration and its supporters in the establishment media to retroactively erase - in an Orwellian '1984' manner - the offical record of what Joe Biden actually said about Serbia and the Serbs both before and after Clinton's insane bombing of Serbia on behalf of Albanian muslim Nazi KLA terrorists in 1999:

In an interview with the late Tim Russert of NBC's "Meet the Press" Biden said of Serbia [then known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia]

"We should go to Belgrade and we should have a Japanese-German style occupation of that country."
I will endeavor to do my best to get you documentation to other Nazi-style statements made by VP Joe Biden from 1993 to 1999.

Thank you very much for mentioning the link to the video on Youtube documenting Joe Biden praising Ramush Haradinaj, an Albanian Muslim Nazi KLA mass murderer who was set free by the corrupt Nazi-like NATO-owned Hague court in the Netherlands, otherwise known as the "UN ICTY Tribunal".

God bless you Neil Craig.
While browsing the web I just noticed that today is the 3rd anniversary of your outstanding "A Place To Stand" article "The Murder of Slobodan Milosevic" by your Australian friend, Peter Robert North.

You ought to be incredibly proud of this research into the former Serbian president's murder and the fact that your blog is mentioned as the source for the article on the famous Canadian Global Research website.

God bless you and your outstanding work over the last 5 years in exposing these Western genocidal child rapists.
There has been some movement of popular opinion. I think this is an achievement of our obscene KLA friends far more than of I & there is still a long way to go.
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